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Primary school first grade Pinyin yw pronunciation and writing speed learning course

2018-03-13 19:12:00

The first grade of primary school Pinyin yw learning needs a complete set of learning methods, otherwise how to learn bad. Primary school first grade Pinyin yw speed learning tutorial through the 3 aspects of the method of the tutorial to let you quickly grasp the pronunciation and writing methods of Chinese Pinyin yw. 1, Chinese Pinyin yw children's songs stimulate children's interest in learning, and understand Chinese Pinyin yw pronunciation skills to master pronunciation tips. At the same time, master yw and iu pronunciation differentiation skills 2, master Chinese Pinyin yw writing skills, combined with yw writing formula to improve writing ability, understand Chinese Pinyin yw new words 3, expand Chinese Pinyin yw knowledge, sublimate the understanding of Chinese Pinyin yw.


Chinese Pinyin initials yw table


First, Chinese Pinyin yw sound to learn Chinese Pinyin yw children's songs to stimulate children's interest in learning Y[clothes] A rain is urgent, clothes are wet, go home to change clothes. The children live in a hut. The hut has a roof and the roof counts stars. Learn Chinese Pinyin yw pronunciation skills master pronunciation tips y pronunciation tips: pronunciation, mouth into a flat shape, the tip of the tongue against the lower gum, tongue surface raised, close to the upper hard palate, vocal cords vibrate. w pronunciation tips: When pronouncing, the lips are rounded, protruding into small holes, the back of the tongue is raised, and the vocal cords vibrate. 1. yw is the initial consonant, iu is the final consonant. The pronunciation of the initial consonant and the final consonant is different. Big y and big w are initial consonants, and the pronunciation should be short and light. Small i and small u are vowels that make up the whole sound. 2.yi, wu, yu overall recognition sound yi, wu, yu do not spell, are the overall recognition sound, the pronunciation is the same loud and long. 3. The whole recognizable syllable composed of initial y and u, and the two small dots on u should be removed. Little u is so cute, see the initial y, take off the small round hat, and then wear the tone hat. Assignments :y : yu securination :y securination ǜ: yu. Study: Y securination: Yu


Second, Chinese Pinyin yw writing speed learning to master Chinese Pinyin yw writing methods and skills y writing skills: occupy the lower space, 2 strokes. Now write right slant in the middle, and then write left slant, and the left slant is a little longer, reaching halfway to the lower space. w Writing skills: Occupy center, 2 strokes. It's made up of two V's sloping down and sloping up. Chinese Pinyin yw writing formula y like a small tree fork, hanging clothes yyy. w like a small roof, turtle hut www. Chinese Pinyin yw New word Learning No (wu) radical: One-body Structure: One-body Word Formation: Wyuya (wen) Radical: Corpse structure: semi-enclosed word formation: Roof question (Wen) Radical: Door structure: semi-enclosed word formation: Problem duck (y) Radical: Left and right word formation: Duck egg (y) Radical: Li Structure: Left and right group words: weeds


3. Chinese Pinyin yw knowledge development 1. Fill in the blank to consolidate the overall reading syllable yi wu yuy-i- (yi) w-u- (wu) y-u - (yu) 2. Pinyin yw group words wa (frog, digging) wa (baby) wa (tile) WA (shoes and socks) y? (together, clothes) yi (aunt) y li (already) yi (I Ching)

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