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Precautions for sleeping naked in summer

2018-03-15 14:24:00

Summer weather is hot, everyone is not willing to wear clothes to sleep, but also like to lie on the mat, so that it can cool down and feel comfortable. But, in fact, if you want to sleep naked, even in the summer, there are a lot of issues to be aware of. Otherwise, it may also lead to illness or symptoms such as a cold.


Decide to sleep naked, in the absence of a mat, remember, during the day, the quilt, sheets, pillows and other body contact bedding, all in the sun exposure, the purpose of doing so is to kill the virus, so that the exposure to the virus when sleeping naked to a minimum, effectively protect the surface skin.


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When sleeping naked, be sure to pay attention to the indoor temperature, people who like to sleep naked and like to open air conditioning should pay attention to, to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to the appropriate temperature, between 22-23 degrees, not too high, not too low, otherwise it may catch cold or sweat. Especially when sleeping naked, be sure to pay attention to shoulder maintenance. It's best if the air conditioner doesn't blow on the shoulder.


When men sleep naked, more attention should be paid to, because the male lower body is prominent, so when sleeping, it must not face down to sleep, so that it may cause pressure on the testicles because of compression, which damages male sexual function. The best sleeping position is on your side or back. That way, there's no damage to the genitals.


Be sure to take a bath before going to bed, especially to carry out detailed cleaning work on your vulva and anus. And after getting up the next day, it is recommended to clean up your vulva and anus, because when you sleep naked at night, there may be dust and other things into the vulva or anus, thereby accumulating the virus. Cleaning is to reduce the invasion of the virus.


Some people are not suitable for sleeping naked, for example, people with urinary problems are not suitable for sleeping naked, and people with special constituences are not easy to sleep naked, for example, people with sensitive skin are not easy to sleep naked. So, if you want to sleep naked, you can experiment first, if you feel uncomfortable after sleeping naked once, it is best to sleep in underwear.