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Practical travel guide

2018-05-02 03:12:00

Province, also known as "Zhangyuan" ". It is located in the northwest of China province, at the junction of Beijing, Hebei, Jin and Mongolia. It is the North gate, and it is also an important geographical and cultural city in history. The city has jurisdiction over 4 districts, 13 counties, 2 administrative districts and 1 high-tech zone, with a total area of 37,000 square kilometers, divided into two different natural areas above and below the dam, with a total population of 4.5 million people, including 3.1 million agricultural population.


(1) Cuiyunshan Ski Resort has six ski trails of different grades, three traction ropeways, and nearly 500 pairs of ski equipment, which can accommodate 200 people skiing at the same time. The snow resort also has horse-drawn sledding and other activities, which is an excellent place for a family of three to travel in winter. The main peak of Cuiyun Mountain is 2100 meters above sea level, and the temperature in winter ranges from -15 to -30. The annual snow accumulation period is more than 5 months, and the snow quality is excellent. Its thickness can reach more than 1 meter. There are 130 days of skiing from November to March. Cuiyunshan Ski Resort has beginner, intermediate and advanced ski runs and matching ropeways. In order to meet the different interests, different ages of sports and leisure hobbies, there are also children's entertainment area (hovercraft), night ski resort and archery hall, alpine zipline and other venues and leisure facilities, called "the first in North China".


(2) Lightning River Prairie Lake Resort     Lightning River Grassland Lake Resort, built in 1997, is located in the county castle town, 10 kilometers northeast, is the southern end of the plateau grassland, a typical grassland scenery, was the history of the famous Jinlian River hinterland, the existing Jin Dynasty Jingming Palace, the Yuan Dynasty Chahan Nao Palace, the Qing Dynasty Rouge horse farm and other sites. Summer and autumn here vast lake, grass, wild flowers in full bloom, seabirds community, fishing boat spot, unique spectacular scenery, there are yurts in the village, activity rooms, wooden houses for visitors to stay, there are Mongolian style of entertainment, there is a unique diet on the dam, can receive accommodation tourists about 100 people.


(3) Zhongdu Original Grassland Resort Zhongdu Original Grassland Resort, located in the province and county, was established in 1993, the building covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters. The grassland area of the scenic area is 30,000 mu, and the resort covers an area of 2,500 mu. Up to now, a total investment of 24 million yuan, after more than 10 years of construction, has become a beautiful environment and pleasant, diverse entertainment projects, unique architectural style, a variety of supporting facilities, set cultural viewing, dining entertainment, exciting, leisure vacation as one of the national AAA level tourism resort. The resort can accommodate 700 people for dining and 400 people for lodging at the same time, and the service adopts a full set of authentic and vulgar etiquette. Has been rated as the provincial three-star civilized window unit, provincial scenic spot civilized unit, provincial tourism industry advanced collective and youth civilization unit and other honorary titles.

Tourist route

(1) Cuiyun Mountain Weekend Ski Tour Day 1: After arrival on Friday afternoon, transfer to the tour bus to the ski resort. From the departure, you can also take the Cuiyun Mountain tourist line directly to the ski resort. Stay late. Day 2: all-day skiing, there are 6 ski trails, you can choose different ski trails according to your level, junior, intermediate, senior three slides for tourists to choose. Beginner skiers but remember not to go skiing without permission on advanced pistes, not to go to less crowded places outside the snow. Lunch and dinner can be served at the restaurant in the snow resort. Day 3: The snow field itself is a scenic forest park, you can walk around in the morning and watch the snow. You can also visit some of the ancient monuments in the nearby places. You can also do some leisure sports, such as archery, in the activity places of the resort. Return in the afternoon and end the pleasant journey.


(2) Bashang grassland tour


D1 Jing -


D2 Central Capital -


Transportation: Train, bus


Attractions: Zhongdu Grassland, Anggu Nao, Mongolian customs, Yuan culture (Zhongdu foot and Xiao after dressing room), Golden Lotus Villa, Gushui Fuyuan, etc


Food: Milk tea, hand-braised meat, roasted whole sheep, wild game


Accommodation: Yurts, Birch cabins


Entertainment: horseback riding, archery, mountaineering, boating, Mongolian song and dance performance, bonfire party

Matters needing attention

When visiting paddock and Bashang grassland, it is recommended to bring more clothes, wear sunglasses, and apply sunscreen because of the large temperature difference in the morning and evening. When visiting, please do not swim and play in the sea where the water is not clear, and do not play or engage in water activities at the sea when the weather is not good.