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Practical booth design, to create a small size of the big restaurant

2018-02-22 08:00:00

Restaurant booth introduction: Booth, in the show-business bar or leisure club, the seating form of the restaurant: usually two face-to-face sofas, plus a small table in the middle, known as "booth". Small room restaurant design is a technical work, to take into account the use of space and the overall pattern, the booth is a good choice. The design of the booth is no longer the "patent" of the bar and other leisure places, and now in the small apartment decoration, the cart-style restaurant is very popular. View and practical for a cart-style restaurant, is a small apartment space saving decoration of the only law. So let's share some booth design cases with you. No.1 Simple style restaurant booth design simple style booth, do not need too much decoration, fresh and clean background wall with a simple lamp can be very good to create a relaxed and comfortable dining environment. The colorful wall has defined the natural pastoral taste of the whole space. The white booth and log table, as well as the flowers on the table, make people feel that they are in nature. No.3 Mediterranean style restaurant booth design small blue and white restaurant, the guest restaurant is integrated, the visual space has the effect of enlargement, the storage below the booth is also very practical, very suitable for crowded and messy small apartment. Since American furniture is concise and practical, the focus of booth design is elegant carving and comfortable design, while adapting to modern life. No.5 There are some other booth designs like new Chinese style and IKEA style, which also have beautiful and practical characteristics. It can be said that the booth is not only a seat, but also a good storage, which is a magic device for expanding the capacity of small units, but also the atmosphere of large units. These are some booth designs to share with you. Do you like these spacious and comfortable booths? The cart-type restaurant design makes the dining a more advanced enjoyment, so that you can also have a cafe-like dining experience at home, the unique design can not only make the family atmosphere more warm, but also make the small room space look more spacious and bright.