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Play strategy Everyone understand, you can save a lot of physical strength

2018-03-16 16:00:16

We all know that it is very big, it is not easy to play, play a week also can not play over, then how can you play through most of the beauty in the shortest time, here to share with you how to play the city.






First of all, after arriving by means of transportation (such as aircraft, high-speed rail, etc.), if it is not the rush hour, you can take a car to the wine, if it is the rush hour, it is still recommended to take the subway, the subway is very developed, almost everywhere can be reached by subway.


Wine suggested choice area, than the city, there are many hutongs and scenic spots, a little old nostalgia, the price of wine is not expensive, feel is not the international trade CBD those places expensive. Unpack, take a break, and start the rest of the city.


Morning of the first day: South Luogu Lane - Regret - Gong Wang House; Afternoon: Tian 'anmen - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park, in the evening you can then visit Houhai night view bar, to eat authentic skewers. These places are next to each other, almost walk to, if tired, you can choose a tricycle or yellow bike to ride to, not recommended to take a taxi.


The second morning: Temple of Heaven -CBD; Afternoon: Lama Temple - Bird's Nest - Water Cube, eat local snacks, such as sesame bean curd, fried cake, gravy, brush mutton and so on


Morning of Day 3: Tsinghua University - Peking University; Afternoon: Yuanmingyuan, the Summer Palace, these scenic spots are not far away, almost one or two subway stations away, out of the subway is the scenic spot, very convenient, here taxi is super blocked.


Morning of Day 4: The city is almost finished, it is recommended to go to the suburbs to play, the suburbs are very beautiful, my suggestion is that if the weekend, you can go to the website to find the weekend outdoor organization travel, generally start in the morning, evening back to the city, the collection and dissolution of the place is generally along the urban subway, are more convenient, by bus, like what type of attractions can be looked at by yourself, Generally about 100 a person, such as going to the suburbs to climb the wild Great Wall, see the sea of flowers, mountain climbing, camping, photography, etc., suburban farmhouse food is also good.


On the fifth day, if you still want to sign up for this outdoor organization, you can continue to participate, and if you want to rest, you can rest in the wine. Although the trip is a little full, but receive a lot of goods, can also save a lot of time.

Matters needing attention

Be prepared for subway tickets, there will be a queue for top-up during rush hour