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Play Happy Valley precautions

2018-03-20 11:12:00

Over the past year, Happy Valley has done a good job in several traditional cultural markets such as Funny Festival, fashion Culture Festival, Mayan Carnival, and International Magic Festival, but also made Christmas, Valentine's Day, Singles' Day, Halloween and other small Western cultural festivals that are increasingly sought after by young people into market highlights. Wonderful theme activities for the public to provide a wealth of entertainment options, enhance the majority of tourists in Happy Valley play experience and emotional experience. Now we bring you the fun of Happy Valley,


Camera, camera battery, film, charger should be prepared. Don't skimp on your film, or you'll regret it when you get home.


Amusement park drinks, food prices are more expensive, it is recommended that you bring some mineral water, snacks, but not too much so as not to affect the weight of play.


Play need to wear sports shoes, do not wear slippers, shoes, shoes, very inconvenient, and a lot of high-altitude games will let your shoes "fly" away, it is best to wear sportswear, shorts, avoid women do not wear skirts to prevent exposure.


Many games are high-altitude adventure games, it is recommended that you bring a small bag with you, so that you can put things in the storage when you do games such as flying cars to prevent loss.


When riding the swing boat and other recreational equipment including revolution and rotation, if you feel uncomfortable, please immediately use gestures and expressions to signal to the staff, the staff will promptly stop the machine, and arrange rest or treatment according to the specific situation.


In the amusement park, do not litter at will, our environment needs to be protected by everyone.


Large-scale power outage caused by the shutdown of amusement equipment, do not panic, as long as you listen to the arrangements of the staff, you can fully ensure that the use of mechanical, manual, standby electric power and other power to guide tourists to a safe place.


In the event of a fire in the amusement park, passengers are often unable to move due to being fixed in the seat by the safety equipment and can only passively wait for rescue, thus losing the ability to escape. Therefore, do not plug paper scraps, wrapping paper and other waste in the gaps of the amusement equipment to avoid causing fire. If you find someone smoking, smokers should be reminded not to throw cigarette butts in the amusement park, the cigarette butts into the trash can, please confirm that it has been extinguished, when boarding the amusement equipment should pay more attention to observe whether there are inflammables around and report to the staff in time.

Matters needing attention

In case of fire, use the clothes on hand or handkerchiefs, napkins to cover the mouth and nose, and beat the cabin door to call for help, waiting for rescue.


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