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Photoshop to create a photo drawing effect

2018-05-12 01:36:01

Use the pencil tool in Photoshop to add a fillet effect to an existing photo (not a filter). The effect can be created to make your photo unique!


PS CS6 software A photo a pair of hard-working hands


Make a transparent canvas: the canvas size is 6 pixels by 6 pixels, the resolution is 72 pixels, the background is transparent, the background is transparent, the background is transparent (important things said 3 times)


Use the shortcut CTRL+0 to adjust the display of the canvas to its maximum scale (see 3200% zoom on the Navigator panel).


Make patterns. Select the pencil tool, set it to 1 pixel, and set the hardness to 100%. Dot and draw the shape you like on the canvas. In this example, the color is black, as shown in the figure. The color is optional, black and white are used more. If the drawing effect pattern is dark, use white to draw the pattern; If not, use black.


Define the pattern. Run the Edit-Define pattern command, enter a pattern name, and confirm.


Open the image, click the "Create a new fill or Adjust Layer" button on the Layers panel, fill in the pattern and adjust the appropriate proportion (500% in this case).


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Finished production.