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Pet consignment basic knowledge introduction

2018-03-19 14:24:00

With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the proportion of pets in people's lives is also increasing, and people often carry pets with them when they travel. In addition, the channels and delivery routes are becoming more and more extensive and diversified, and pet consignment is also more and more favored by the majority of pet lovers. Pet consignment, generally speaking, refers to the use of corresponding means of transport, such as planes, ships, cars, trains and other means of transport through a certain channel, the pet transport from one place to another, to achieve the transfer of pet physical space location. Due to the difference between pet consignment and other items consignment in the consignment content, it is a living body, so how pets consignment and other objects consignment has specific differences: 1, timeliness: ordinary goods without timeliness requirements, but pet consignment must emphasize "arrive on time to avoid accidents." 2, complex procedures: as long as it is the transportation of live animals, except for the car, no matter what kind of transportation, "animal health immunity certificate", "quarantine certificate" and "transportation disinfection certificate" these three certificates are almost essential. 3, cage requirements: not only to take into account food, drinking water and air circulation, but also to do a good job of excrement sewage, so as to avoid other luggage. 4. Different placement: You must take into account whether the air is circulating, the temperature and humidity should not be too high, and it is not easy to place other goods on the cage, but if you will put the upper layer, you must avoid polluting the luggage and packages of other passengers on the lower layer. 5, handling especially need to be careful: "light handling" is a small animal loading and unloading process must be done. 6, vary from place to place: whether the consignment is professional due diligence, the consignment needs to be more professional, consider the problem more thoughtful, the process is more convenient and more humane. Because of the particularity and complexity of pet consignment requirements and specific content, so if you want to carry out pet consignment, you must carefully consider the specific details of pet consignment, increase the safety and correctness of pet consignment, so if necessary, do not reduce the corresponding pet consignment trouble, you can entrust a professional pet consignment to help you deal with.