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Patriot Air Scout KT03

2018-05-08 11:12:29

At present, this environmental situation, modern people living in the cement jungle, the pursuit of high-tech, the invisible environmental data, the subjective mark is more worried, but the specific time to do something less. As a class with older people and younger people, I often encounter arguments with the elderly, the elderly always think that the window should be closed, the child is cold, bala Bala, but as a parent, I hope to convince the elderly, sometimes it is necessary to open the window, bala Bala and so on. 1. As a strict science and technology man, it is common to deal with all kinds of experimental data. In fact, I have been thinking, if there is a better small instrument or instrument to monitor the living environment, it can simply tell us when we need to heat up, when we need to open the window, and when outdoor oxygen is higher than indoor oxygen? When is PM2.5 lower indoors than outdoors? With these little data guidelines, using data to convince family members to correctly determine whether they need to breathe or keep warm will reduce arguments during the process of caring for a pregnant woman or raising a child. The Patriot Air Probe Dog KT03 is such a designed product, which refreshes the environmental data of the home every few minutes through the app installed on it, 2. At the bottom of the package, there is the QR code of the app. 4. Of course, there are a lot of product data monitoring conclusion certificates, the focus of course is that this Patriot Air Probe dog KT03 meter is accurate, 5. Some conventional accessories, chargers, charging cables, manuals, warranty cards, etc., 6 common USB 5V 1A charger, with a more unique charging cable design, 2, appearance design 1. The Patriot Air Probe Dog KT03 is such a round ball shape that the bottom is made flat for easy placement, 2. The main use of the product is to carry out environmental monitoring, refresh every 5 minutes, and alarm can be made for harsh environments. If there are pregnant women, children, the elderly, or asthma patients at home, measures can be taken before the environment becomes harsh to reduce disease. 3. The bottom design, circular design, the whole circle with 6 different detection sensors. Probe different data. 3.5mm audio jack design of the charging hole, 5. Through red, green, blue, purple and other display modes to indicate the working status and environmental status. Display green is a safe and comfortable living environment, three, product use 1. Patriot air Probe dog KT03 and need to be in network connection mode, in order to normally pair and work. The product needs to be connected to wifi, and this design seems to be unable to take out the outdoor monitoring and use, 2. After scanning the QR code above the box to install the app, 3. The pairing is successful, and various monitoring data is transmitted to arrive. 4. Monitoring results are available for PM2.5 content, formaldehyde content, VOC content, CO2 content, noise level, temperature and humidity. A total of 7 data. 5. There are also separate pages, and each parameter is classified and said that the indoor environment with PM2.5 less than 35 is excellent, and the formaldehyde content less than 0.04 is excellent, which is very clear and intuitive. 6. There are also indicators on VOC combustion waste and CO2 carbon dioxide concentration, which can real-time monitor whether the air in the home is good or bad, need to open the window for ventilation, or close the window for heat preservation, at a glance. 7. Humidity, temperature and noise, 8. In addition to monitoring, the product can also be paired with remote control, remote control for various household appliances, 9. Can recognize and learn all kinds of appliances. 10. For modern families, it is necessary to buy many electrical appliances, air fresher will not always open, ventilation equipment will not be open 24 hours, humidifier, dehumidifier, will not open together, remote control curtains or remote control Windows will not often open or close. 11. Then these devices, you can let Patriot air detective dog KT03 learn, so that it can automatically adjust the home environment, temperature, humidity, and other conditions, according to the quantifiable digital guidance, you can remote control a variety of electrical appliances to work when needed. Replace your fuzzy senses with precise numbers to make your life more scientific and regular. Monitoring a child, or monitoring a pregnant woman, or an elderly person with a chronic illness, can lead to a better quality of life. 12. Thank you for reading the fourth, product summary Air detection dog such a tall equipment, currently on the market is very rare, the price of the product is not for diaosi users, mainly for people with high standards of living environment and strict requirements, after meeting the basic needs, for the length of life and quality of the noble crowd. It is best to use the smart home control system as a whole to get a better life. Advantages 1. Relatively easy to use, 2. Display at a glance, each parameter has a description, easy to understand; 3. Basically fill the technical gaps and equipment gaps. 4. Realize multi-data detection design and function 5. A variety of voice prompts can make people easily understand the shortcomings 1. The price can only be set for tall people; 2. It should be more accurate and collect more home appliances to form an ecosystem; 3. Lack of home pairing mode and development coding for all intelligent systems. (For example, millet smart home complete set, this single device can not be integrated) 4. It must be used in the wifi environment, if you can take out the outdoor, it will be better to test everywhere.