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PatekPhilippe watch maintenance methods

2018-03-22 16:00:55

The world's luxury watch brand Patek Philippe is Switzerland's top watch brand, is one of the only remaining true independent watchmakers in Switzerland, excellent technology and meticulous production spirit make it unique in the haute Horlowatch industry. Patek Philippe watch is one of the favorite brands of watch lovers, superb watch design and workmanship expensive production materials have laid Patek Philippe's position as a top watch brand. To share with you the maintenance of Patek Philippe watch maintenance methods, I hope to be useful to you


Watch spring


It's best to wind it at a fixed time, all at once. The speed of the winding rotation watch should be appropriate, not too tight, otherwise the spring is easy to be stuck by the oil in the spring box. When the spring is relaxed, it is easy to be broken due to excessive elasticity.


Watch When you wear a watch to play ball or hit something with your hand, it is best to take it off. Watches are also afraid of water. Therefore, when washing clothes, washing hands or doing other work in contact with water, it is best to take off the watch. If the glass of the watch appears fog or water points, it should be repaired in time, wiped away the fog water points, and dried the movement. However, if there is only some fog, it will disappear by itself after the weather is dry.


Watch maintenance do not open the cover at will, so as not to dust into; Not to dial, broken to send the table in time to repair.


Watch storage


When the watch is not worn, do not put the watch on the radio, so as not to be magnetized by the magnet of the speaker, affecting the travel time. Watches should not be put together with camphor, because camphor is a very volatile substance, easy to make the oil solidify, lose lubrication, resulting in damage to the accuracy of the clock.


Watch cleaning


The hardness of the watch glass is not high, and should avoid rubbing with sharp and sharp substances, avoid being corroded by high pressure and high heat and chemical agents, so as to avoid rubbing or damage. If there are slight marks, you can apply toothpaste on the flannel cloth, rub back and forth on the table glass, you can clean the marks. Remember not to rub with alcohol to prevent the glass from cracking due to chemical action with alcohol.

Matters needing attention

Maintenance of luxury watches usually includes the following: checking the watch and checking all components; Clean and replace necessary basic movement parts; Oiling and adjusting; Polish the table if necessary; Replace the crown if necessary; Replace the bezel connector; Change the table back connector; Routine quality inspection; Quartz watches and mechanical watches: (whether manually wound or automatically wound) need maintenance every three to five years. Quartz batteries are generally used for two to three years, so quartz watches need to replace the battery in a timely manner.