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Party Games

2018-04-04 20:48:53

Family and friends gathering, is everyone not talking, everyone takes out their own play? Or do we interact and play some games? Here are some good party games;



Killer game (Close your eyes when it gets dark)

Now the more popular is the 2.0 rule, here to introduce the rules: the number of players and role configuration


Game flow description


Win-lose rule


Before we start playing, let's explain the rules; Then you can pick a few cards in the playing cards, respectively, as police, bandits; Then each of you will choose one to identify yourself; Then you can play according to the above rules;

Kill of The Three Kingdoms

"Three Kingdoms" is a popular board game published by YouCard Board Game Culture Development Co., LTD. The game integrates the characteristics of similar Western games, combines the background of The Three Kingdoms period in China, takes identity as a clue, takes cards as a form, integrates history, literature, art and other elements, and is widely popular in China.


When gathering, bring The Three Kingdoms killing cards, you can sit together and play The Three Kingdoms killing;


UNO is a popular card game that originated in Europe and was invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 and is now produced by Mattel. Uno is the Spanish and Italian word for "1". The name comes from the fact that when a player has only one card left in his hand, he must call out "uno". When the UNO card was introduced, it was named "Yono", in fact, this is a misunderstanding of the pronunciation, and the correct pronunciation of the UNO card is "Uno", not "Yono".

Game of Kings

"King Game" is a multiplayer interactive game that originated in Japan and is popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. In the game, the king's command is absolute, and the participants need to obey the king's command unconditionally, and the absolute power generated by the mandatory rules is the key to the king's fascinating game. The scale of the game can be controlled by the participants through mutually agreed restrictive rules, which leads to a variety of wonderful ways to play, giving people unlimited imagination space.

Truth or Dare

Two people, can use the fist to decide; 3 people, can use the palm of the palm back to decide; If there are a lot of people, they can draw, and usually the one who draws the big ghost has to choose truth or adventure. The chosen party will choose "truth" or "Big adventure", and the winner will ask the loser questions at will, and the loser must answer truthfully; Choose the big adventure, the winner will have any behavioral problems at will by the loser to try to complete, such as doing 20 push-ups, 50 squats and so on. Once completed, this round ends and the next round begins. Neither the question nor the behavior should go too far

Fifty cents and a piece

Props: No need; Venue: A little more spacious can be, no special requirements; Number of people: 10 or more people can be more fun; Personnel: There must be men and women, the proportion is not limited; Referee: one, responsible for issuing the signal commander; The rules are as follows: In the game, the boy is a dollar, and the girl is 50 cents. Before the game starts, everyone stands together and the referee stands on the side. The referee announces the start of the game, and calls out a number of money (3.50, 6, or 8 fast 5, etc.), once the referee calls out the number of money, the players in the game must form a small team of that number in the shortest time, for example, if the call is 3.50, it needs a small team of three men and one woman or seven women or one man and five women. Please remember to move fast, because it is limited, personnel also have few opportunities to be evenly distributed, so slow comrades may be a fiasco because of a few pieces or a few cents, so when the shot shot, see five cents (mm) to start first; Of course, the fast-moving personnel do not blindly pull people, it is possible that the referee called 3 pieces 5, but your team has become 5 pieces, at this time you need to kick people, the cruel is cruel, generally mercilessly kicked out is a poor piece.

Matters needing attention

Specific rules of the killing game can be found on the website:; There are also video tutorials on the website, so check them out


The party can play games, really many, many, so, when the party do not always see, we play it;