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Park online - the first platform for park investment and leasing

2018-05-11 20:48:38

Drawing on the practice cases of the "Internet +" model in traditional fields, the Park has created a comprehensive online platform integrating park operation, online investment, investment and financing, enterprise services, and interactive community of the park with the help of the trend of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". Park Online is an O2O network platform initiated and created by China Park Alliance, which specializes in bringing together good parks, good projects and good projects in the region, providing a new Internet solution for park investment operation, enterprise park selection and project entry. The park online platform breaks the difficult pattern of traditional park online and offline communication, and creates a real sense of the park industrial system. So, what can Park Online really do for you?

If you are the park investment personnel

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If you are a business looking for office space

There will be professional site selection advice; It is also possible to find parks suitable for development; Will also provide project packaging planning services: there are some preferential investment policies