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Panda TV live "has stopped support for IE8" solution

2018-05-07 08:00:33

Panda TV is a must-have game live platform for many game players, but some people visit it and prompt "Dear Panda water friends." We have stopped supporting Internet Explorer 8. Please choose another browser to access Panda Live." What is the problem? Let me explain the reasons and solutions.


This problem occurs because Panda TV uses the latest HTML5 web technology in order to better live broadcast experience, and the browser you are using is too old, has been eliminated, does not support the latest web technology, so you need to upgrade the browser first.


First search for the "Fast Browser Adoption Program" to open the old version of Internet Explorer to eliminate mobile sites page.


Then find the "more advanced Browsers" section of the web page and click to download the latest dual-core browser supported by your computer system.


When you click download, the computer will prompt you to "run" or "save", if you choose to save, you need to manually open the installation program after the download is completed, so it is recommended to click "run", avoid the step of manually opening again, faster installation.


Once the new browser is installed, you can use it to open Panda TV and watch live broadcasts. How about, is it possible to access and open the web faster! This is the advantage of the latest web technology!