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Overnight travel guide

2018-05-01 12:48:00

Today, all over the country with a long longing mood, landing in the famous ice city known as "little Paris" and "Moscow" --! With a long cultural history, it not only gathers the history and culture of northern ethnic minorities, but also is a famous city that combines Chinese and Western cultures. The majestic Saint Sophia Church, the elegant and chic Gothic buildings, the Central street of European architecture, the elegant and bright architectural colors, the bright and prosperous urban style, everywhere reflects the unique charm of "Moscow". The world of ice, the kingdom of snow, is a must-visit place for travelers.


Shuttle flight


After getting off the plane, stay in the club designated express hotel (near the Central Street), early friends can walk together with the same donkey friends to feel the ice city!


Play method (walk) : Saint Sophia Church - Central Street (pedestrian street) - Flood control monument - Songhua River ice activities - Snow Expo (Sun Island) - Ice and Snow world (need car) (Play after dinner, 21:00 close)


Ice and Snow World is the leading brand of the International Ice and Snow Festival. It was born at the end of 1999 by the beautiful Songhua River and is held every year. It gathers the essence of ice and snow art in the world and integrates the world's ice and snow entertainment in one park, which integrates ideological, artistic, ornamental, participatory and entertainment. It is known as the magnificent "epic picture of ice and snow". Stars covered the sky, the tour finished, shopping finished, bought finished, to the time of corruption, everyone gathered together, to eat the Northeast special food, a big bowl of wine and meat, enjoy! Come out to play, all things behind the mind, happy, chic is fundamental!


Tips: 1, the team members arriving by plane, from the airport bus line 3 to the central street, walk 5 minutes to the hotel; When the train arrives, remember to take a taxi across the road from the train station, which is a one-way street. The starting price of a taxi from the railway station is (9 yuan), (Harbin's elder brother is mainly carpooling, so don't mind when you take a taxi, he will certainly ask to find a carpool while walking, remember that you are the starting price to arrive at the hotel is ok; 2, the ice and Snow world opens around December 20 every year, the New Year's Day is officially opened, not afraid of cold can choose to go to the ice and snow world in the afternoon in advance to play, there are ice slides, snow circles and other entertainment projects, you can directly enjoy the ice lantern at night. The club will organize everyone to go to the ice and Snow world every day from 18:00 to 20:30 (group ticket), and the play time in the scenic area is about 2 hours; 3, the arrival of the donkey friend, the incomplete equipment please buy in time: gloves (35-55), ear bags (5-15), snowshoes (50-70) can be purchased in the central street Russian business; 4, souvenirs can be bought or not, handicrafts produced in Yiwu more, a symbol to buy some friends is also good; Red sausage and Madill Popsicle are the features; 5. Special snacks: Dumpling King, Madier West Restaurant, Lao Chang spring cake, Lao Chang pot cauterizing, killing pig vegetable; Husband and wife potato flour, rice flour (shopping mall under Sophia Church), etc. 6, check in tonight, so as long as you can arrive today


The second day -- Dongsheng; Night stay Dongsheng Farm home (4-6 rooms) Get up at 07:00, pack your bags, freshen up and dress up, feel the different flavors of Northeast breakfast. After breakfast at 08:20, the hotel will meet and start on time to Dongsheng. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful snow scenery of Beidahuang. Fortunately, you can see the trees on the street (similar to rime), like two columns to welcome you! The team leader will organize activities on the bus to liven up the atmosphere! Here is a reminder to travelers, get your program ready before getting on the bus! Arrived at Wuchang City around 11:00, Wuchang rice all know it, very famous! Lunch in Wuchang City. Each person contributes 15 yuan to buy fireworks (evening bonfire party) is expected to arrive at Dongsheng Forest Farm (Snow Valley, China) at 15:30, stay in Dongsheng Farm - grassland travelers outdoor station, feel the northeast fire, sit down to roast their own buttocks; Dongsheng Forest Farm has not been developed, so there is no play project, but the original ecology is well preserved, and after the room is allocated, you can walk around with long guns and short guns; 17:30 dinner on time, eating authentic farm dishes, of course, chicken stew mushroom, pork stew vermiculla and other farm specialties, drinking the club has already prepared for everyone's northeast small roast (wine), joking with each other, a happy laughter has already made you happy! Eat, drink enough let us light a bonfire together, hand in hand dancing anta, setting off colorful fireworks, snowman snowball fights, divided into two groups of men and women PK, but I do not know why the final leader was buried in snow, injustice! Ha-ha... After the snow fight came into the house to warm for a while to carry out entertainment games: landlord, mahjong, murder game, did not drink well to find the leader and taste the northeast pure sorghum small barbecue (after drinking oh) time is not early to wash and rest, prepare for tomorrow through the snow country, play tired tomorrow morning sleep to wake up naturally, not tired of early patting snow valley morning scenery! (Those who do not cross can go directly to Snow Village by car, and this bus tracking service does not need to carry any weight)


Warm tips: 1, Dongsheng and Xuexiang two consecutive nights of fire for the south of the individual is not adapted, coupled with the dry air in the north, so bring a thermos cup, drink more water, prepare a point of bezoar detoxification tablets and other fire medicine, the state of mind to put well, to feel the most simple, the most original flavor of the Northeast. 2, Dongsheng and snow village are all rural hotels, hot water is not enough, please save hot water when washing.

Matters needing attention

The road is slippery. Pay attention to safety.


The temperature is low, pay attention to cold and warm.