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Outdoor life -- a Guide to Xichang

2018-03-25 14:24:41

Qionghai Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in the province, 7 kilometers away from Xichang Center. It lies at the foot of Lubei and the north side of Luoji Mountain. It is one of the top ten scenic spots in the province. The lake has clear and transparent water and covers an area of 31 square kilometers. Qionghai lake, like some plateau lake scenery in China, is known for its quietness. The scenery is different in four seasons. In spring, the sky is bright and the water is PD, and the above and below is blue. In summer, the lake is brimming, the color is dazzling, the mountain temple fishing village, each other. The autumn sky is high and cool, the sunset is lonely duck, and the autumn water is long, which makes people stay and forget to return. Winter days clean water, red maple cypress, reflecting the lake. In the afternoon, the wind, the waves surging, like a white goose on the waves. The attractive Qionghai scenery, together with the bright moon in Xichang at night, forms a "poetic feeling of Qiongchi Qiongchi." Such as the famous Italian traveler Marco. Polo was impressed and excited by the scenery during his visit to the lake. In his Travels of Marco Polo, he wrote: "The beautiful blue water, the luxuriant grass and abundant fish, and the large and beautiful pearls are far superior to the Mediterranean Sea in climate and tranquility. The scenery of Qionghai Lake can be seen from here. Xichang College is built around Qionghai Lake. Ticket information of course is free tour! Food information At the back door of Qionghai Qionghai Park in Xichang, opposite Kaixuan Wine - known as "Full of fresh rice" are all the special dishes of Qionghai Lake. Xichang Fire Pot barbecue is simply full of praise, Xichang's signature food. Full of fresh and delicious pickled fish, a dish with Xichang fisherman's style, delicious soup, cool and tender fish fillets, sour feeling with a touch of spicy taste, belongs to a light type of dish, very next meal oh. The barbecue in the fishing village will probably haunt you for the rest of your life. Accommodation information 1, Xichang Mingren Big wine, wine location: located in Liangchang Station business district; 2, Xichang Minshan rice former Xichang Kailai wine, wine location: located in Liangchang Station business circle; 3, Xichang Hawaiian Holiday Wine, Address: Xichang Haibin South Road No. 22 bus terminal; 4, Xichang drunk wine, Address: Haibin Road, Xichang City, Province. Transportation information It costs about 15 RMB by taxi from downtown Xichang. Qionghai Qionghai Lake has always been a resort for leisure and vacation. Not all state leaders have come to Qionghai Lake for leisure and vacation when they travel to Xichang. Its mystery and beauty are illustrated by the beautiful scenery in Qionghai Lake, as well as many wonderful folk legends, which are recorded in Li Ying's books such as Gaizhou Lake and Imperial Garden. There are more than 40 kinds of fish in Qionghai Lake, among which there are unique white fish, carp, prawns, crabs, etc. There are 19 species of migratory birds and their families come here for winter in late autumn and early winter. There are Qionghai Lake Park, Qionghai Hotel, Xinsandy Beach Fishing Village, Moon Bay, Sunshine Resort, Wetland Park, Luosha Rose Garden, Qinglong Temple, Laohaiting Ruins, Walnut Village Ornamental Park and Provincial Sports Commission Water Sports School.