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Northwest tour the most worthy of the tourist beauty, you want to start after seeing

2018-02-23 20:48:00

The Spring Festival is coming, every year many people will travel at this time, they are eager to "go out" and enjoy the great scenery of the motherland. Nowadays, the close-up viewing mode can no longer meet their needs, and the Great Northwest tourism is the most popular tourist destination at present, especially tourism, which is more popular with tourists.




Food prepared for a journey


1, must visit attractions - Mogao Grottoes: to travel, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes is one of the must-go attractions, which has a large number of murals, grottoes, cultural relics, vivid Buddha statues, exquisite sculptures, smart flying murals... It is the largest and best preserved Buddhist art site in the world.


2, must visit attractions - Sand Mountain: Sand Mountain is about 5 kilometers from the Mogao Grottoes, the scenery is very charming, if you climb to the top of the mountain can enjoy the desert sunset, clear spring water is emitting light, dazzling.


3, must visit attractions - colorful Danxia: the world famous colorful Danxia can be said to be the most perfect masterpiece of nature, just like the pigment tray sprinkled on the mountains and hills, very spectacular and majestic, is one of the must-go attractions.


4, must visit attractions - : the feeling is very shocking, "the world's first pass" is definitely not a false name. The inner city is majestic, the outer city is magnificent, and the beacon tower can also see the snow mountains and the vast desert on the Gobi desert in the distance.


5, must visit scenic spots - mountains: to the mountains, the best way is to drive, driving on the grassland road, can enjoy the herds of cattle and sheep, vast scenery, will definitely be a relaxing journey.

Matters needing attention

The temperature difference is large, bring enough clothes.