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Northwest China tourism must go to the city 2019 early spring tourism destination

2018-02-23 22:24:00

Northwest China, a place that many people yearn for, it is vast and vibrant, desolate and lonely and bustling. It is the spring of the year, all things are recovering, the climate is pleasant, and it is timely to go to the northwest at this moment, which will introduce people's most desirable travel cities in the Northwest?




Speaking of the great northwest of China, Dunhuang City must be visited. With a long history, splendid culture and unique landscape, it can be described as a pearl on the land of northwest China! Dunhuang has experienced five thousand years of long growth, and several ups and downs have given birth to the brilliant historical civilization of China: the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang, the ancient fortress of the desert throat, the West thousand Buddha Cave that has sat for a thousand years, and the Jade Gate Pass where the spring wind on the border are all witnesses of the vicissitudes of Dunhuang City. In addition to the splendid civilization monuments, the Gobi oasis natural landscape of Dunhuang City is also a world masterpiece. Singing sand Mountain embrace crescent spring for thousands of years, interdependent mutual style, sand spring symbiosis. When you ride a camel to climb the sand mountain, you can also see an oasis in the desolation and dry, a bay of fresh spring, which is absolutely the scenery of the northwest desert


"Jammed" means the city, a long history and beautiful and majestic mountains and rivers, so that the city has become a unique landscape in northwest China. Colorful Danxia landform "can if mingxia", the landform color is brilliant, vast, strange rock shape, beautiful texture, stretching thousands of miles. If you want to enjoy the Buddhist classics of the northwest, the city's horseshoe Temple and Big Buddha Temple are also very representative. Boarding a Buddhist monastery, you can look across the mountains and grasslands, the beautiful scenery is open, unique.


A trip, food is also essential, counted as the food capital of northwest China. Have not been to, can not be counted as eating beef noodles, clear soup, radish white, chili red, noodles yellow, fragrant green, the soul is that bowl of noodles to give. In addition, the city, the Yellow River, this mighty must go to the northwest to feel.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the schedule of the trip, the distance between the attractions is not short