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New Testament legend of the sword detailed illustration guide 2

2018-04-02 06:24:02

A long time ago, there was a legend of a goddess, a goddess who loved all life and turned into a Mayan tree to protect the world, and this is the beginning of the legend


Later came to a room with many coffins, saw the mystery man is looking at the coffin, said to be looking for his lover, did not find it and left. When the deacon appeared just now, he did not know how to turn into a werewolf and started to fight, it was too much food, just fight.


Continue, after a little walk to find the room of Pojue, the heroine is also in, and the previous MM was made by the count in the sky do not know what is doing, stop him. Became a big bat, but the strength has not improved, or it is easy to solve him.


Go to the cactus house, the cactus king will help you write down the diary. Then go to the cave of the marsh, equip the hero with a bow and use the magic of the fire elves to break the seal and cross. After walking for a while, there was an accident, and came to a place where there were several enemies with the hammer ball, and after killing the enemy, he got the chain, so that after using against the stake, he could pull people over.


I get the mirror of the moon by a pond, and out of the pond comes a two-headed monster. Beware of poisoning, it is recommended to use the bow to play relatively simple, after victory to get water elves, but now can not be used.


Follow the original path back out of the cave, turn right to a spring to restore the water spirit, which is ready to use.


Cross the bridge to ウェソヂルヘの and use a water genie to break the seal.


Attention, there's a treasure chest


Go out of the cave to ウェソヂル shore, and when the tide goes out at night, you can get the treasure chest


Enter the town of ウェソヂルの, (there is a treasure chest in the people's house) walk up at the pool came a beautiful harp, everyone is listening to the bard Lesta's harp, a silver-haired man appreciated his harp very much, after the dialogue, Lesta wants to seek with song, planning to go to the city of Gulans alone, silver-haired man Dibias repeatedly warned him about the danger of the city of Gulans, But he still insisted on going... Came to the big temple through the heroine to stand in front of the Burgart is once defeated Vandel one of the three knights, the hero felt very honored to see him, and then to the old man asked how to find the holy sword, but did not get a clear answer, only said that it is the sword of the brave, angry hero ran out of the big temple, Just out of the door and found that there was an airship flying by the Duchy of Courrance in the sky, when the village people ran to say that Courrance's troops had entered the city, and then Chadonite appeared, the protagonist saw the enemy, and immediately drew his sword and attacked him, but the strength was not enough, and was struck by Chadonite's sword, and then by his heart and soul Julius magic flew to the great temple. Fortunately, the moon mirror was not fatal, but the mirror broke. Chardonnay into the big temple said to take the heroine, of course, Burgart did not agree, drawn his sword want to pick against him, but the mean Burgart said he flew the cannon on the boat has aimed at the town, if not promised to let the blood here, forced the heroine away, the hero then resisted, but was Chardonnay knocked unconscious. After waking up to be told that the heroine has been captured on the flying boat, the team decided to rescue her. After leaving the house, he sees Dibias and Lesta, and after a conversation, Dibias says that there may be danger here in the future, and asks the protagonist to release his bird,