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Network promoter, can do this is qualified

2018-04-14 04:48:03

Internet pusher refers to a person who uses Internet media to plan, implement and promote specific objects, so that they can have influence and popularity, including: enterprises, brands, events and individuals. Network promoters first began to appear in the public eye in 2005, until now is still the first choice for many companies to promote.


The information illegally crawled from experience


What kind of network promoter is qualified? 1, online promoters shall abide by national laws and regulations and human side ethics, and shall not fraudulently promote public opinion or diversion of public opinion. 2, be responsible for their own behavior, and shall not help customers or enterprises with illegal and criminal products or fake and shoddy products to promote. Before doing promotion, it is necessary to understand in detail whether the customer's product procedures are complete and whether it has reached all kinds of qualified inspection of national commodities. 3, network promoters need to have creative planning ability, through the analysis of an event or enterprise brand, product, effective positioning, and according to its current situation to plan a specific implementation plan. The key to success or failure is to plan, do not attract the negative impact of netizens and media criticism, and network promoters can not disclose the details of the planning and implementation of the event in order to enhance self-awareness shortly afterwards. 4. Familiar with the characteristics of major network media platforms and print media and the preferences of their users, find out the highlights, write controversial and eye-catching posts based on the taste of netizens, and select media delivery platforms accordingly. 5, as a network promoter, it is necessary to have a certain influence in some well-known forums, and hold a strong media to do further promotion. 6. It can arouse a large number of netizens to participate in the discussion and spread of the event, making our topic hot on the whole network and attracting the participation of traditional media. 7. Guide public opinion. When some netizens question or point out some doubts, we can explain them in time and guide the blind netizens to develop according to the direction of public opinion we want. 8, the event hype planned by a successful network promoter is not only to see how many posts he has made, how many replies and clicks, but to see how wide and deep the influence of the event in society, and whether it has aroused the attention of authoritative media or authority figures.


What damage can unqualified fake promoters do to customers? Waste of money, the effect is not ideal, the quality is not up to standard, and even spend money not to say that it is self-defeating. In recent years, there have been many cases of network promoters planning to help customers attack and slander competitors, and the final result is light loss of money, heavy damage to the brand reputation accumulated over the years, and even prison. There are also many cases of online promoters planning to help customers attack and slander competitors, and the final result is light loss of money, heavy damage to the brand reputation accumulated for years, and even prison. Some incidents were exposed by netizens and the media in the process of promoting the implementation, which brought many negative comments to the enterprise.


How to distinguish between the competent network promoters and the fake promoters who fish in troubled waters? As a network promoter with nearly 6 years, our network promoter of speed Public relations gives the following suggestions as a reference: 1. Have a business license as a competent network promoter, if not even registered, you can expect them to be honest and regular? Is it efficient and powerful? Can we expect them to be experienced? Network promoters, network public relations has been developing for 7 years, if in this line of crawling and rolling for a few years, not even one, the only thing that can be explained is that the ability is not good, or just entered the line soon. There will be an excuse to say that network promoters, network public relations, network hype, etc., can not be registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, which is just a kind of their refusal. Although network promoters, network public relations, network hype can not be registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, but media, advertising, marketing, information, business services and other Internet-related categories can still be registered normally. The business license is best to be able to check the local office of the gallery and the website, because the fake license dealers can be said to be rampant. Of course, there are many media, advertising, marketing, information, business services and other Internet related registration and license, in the network promoters this business does not prove that they are excellent. Many of them are later added to the network promoters, network public relations business. So how do we tell the difference? First of all, look at their registration years, registered before 2008, which is basically to open up the network promoter business. Network promoters officially emerged on a large scale in 2008 and beyond. Second, know the other person's background. If it is started from the network promoter, network public relations, hype, it is clear at a glance on its introduction and background. Of course, there are also developers or independent network promoters, network public relations departments and independent websites, but these can also be understood in their introduction and background. Finally, there are cases, many networks, and none of their cases even have anything to do with network promoters. I have even seen those to build websites, software development, seo based, in the case that all put is website construction, software research and development, seo bidding ranking and other cases. 2. There is no corporate website as a business in the network to survive, if not even their own website, it can be imagined its economic and technical strength, as the saying goes: "Website is an important window to show the corporate image", is a corporate network facade, if a so-called "network" promoter of the enterprise even their own website does not have, then how to help customers do "network" promoter or network related business? To determine whether there is a website, it is first to see whether the internal structure of the website is too simple and rough, which can also reflect the intentions of an enterprise and a certain technical strength and financial strength. 3. There is no mobile can be opened without identity registration, and do not believe that 400 is how formal and guaranteed, that as mobile anyone can handle without any documents or find someone to provide documents, and must be real-name registration in the local communication department to install the household. A liar would never pretend. 4. Can make excellent planning program This is the best way to test the ability of the other party, generally not long, lack of experience and lack of ability of the pseudo-promoters are unable to start. More than 80% of them have no plan at all, and more than 15% have no decent plan.