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NBA10 star classic nickname interpretation

2018-03-14 01:36:24

NBA10 star classic nickname interpretation, Durant of those actually do not know!


Kobe's classic nickname: Black Mamba, interpretation: Because the Mamba is one of the world's fiercest snakes, which is in line with Kobe's killer temperament. However, some media pointed out that this is just a brand new NIKE designed specifically for Kobe Bryant.


Interpretation: Americans prefer to call Shaq Diesel "Shaq Diesel" compared to Chinese fans who call him "warrior" and "shark." This is the title of O 'Neal's rap album released in 1994, and it also represents America's respect for O 'Neal's natural power.


Explanation: the most famous nickname, "the king," comes from a version of the Bible. There are several versions of the Bible. james king is one of the more popular versions.


Jordan's classic nickname: Flying man, space legend, interpretation: "air.


The nickname "jordan" comes from Jordan's rookie season. At that time, Jordan had just signed a contract with NIKE, and NIKE was ready to create a pair of personal brand shoes for it, but it lacked a loud name, and finally agent David Falk suddenly thought of the nickname "flying man". As for the "Space legend" nickname, mainly from the 1995 "Space Slam Dunk".


Durant's classic nickname: tarantula, bloodthirsty skull, interpretation: because of the extraordinary length of the limbs, so when the debut won a "tarantula" title. But as his killer streak became more apparent, fans began to call him "the Bloodthirsty Skeleton."


Karl - the classic nickname: Postman, interpretation: The iron and steel Karl - in the first 18 years of his career almost never missed a game, and can consistently contribute 20+10 double-doubles in every game. His steady play on the field is as punctual as the postman, so the fans call him the "postman".


Ray Allen's classic nickname: Jesus - Shottworth, Sweet Ray, interpretation: played Jesus - Shottworth in the 1998 Spike Lee film "Single Shot" (Jesus)


Shuttlesworth), so people used to call him "Jesus." And "Sugar Ray" (Sweet Ray) is a relatively well-known band in the United States, just used to describe Ray Allen's superb shooting.


Barkley's classic nickname: Rebound Mound, interpretation: Like to call Barkley as "flying God pig", but his real nickname is "The Round Mound of.


Rebound ". Rebound ". He is 1.98 meters tall, but he weighs more than 280 pounds, but with amazing bounce and broad body, this 1.98 meters, "no three no four" freak has become the shortest rebounding king in NBA history.


Payton's classic nickname: Glove, interpretation: In a game between the Seattle Supersonics and the Phoenix SUNS, under Payton's tight guard, SUNS leader Kevin Johnson's performance is very sluggish. After the game, one of Payton's Cousins quipped about the game in front of the media: "Payton wrapped the opponent like a baseball glove when guarding Kevin Johnson."


Pierce's classic nickname: Truth, interpretation: Pierce "truth" the nickname comes from the praise of O 'Neal. On March 13, 2001, Paul Pierce scored 42 points on 13-of-19 shooting in a loss against the Lakers, but Pierce's all-around offensive skills won over O 'Neal.