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Mother's Day is here! When it comes to star gifts, I will take Jay Chou ~

2018-04-03 08:00:33

"The best gift for your mother on this holiday is to spend more time with her," Yao Chen said. Nowadays, children leave home more because of work and spend less time with their parents. Therefore, Yao Chen believes that spending more time with her mother is the best holiday gift for her. "When I was young, I used to ask: Mom, where did I come from? Mother replied: You are from the trash can picked up ah, not good will throw you back."


Yang Mi: Let my mother know that I am happy more than all gifts Yang Mi once said that he did not have time to return, he will receive parents together for Mother's Day. After entering the line, Yang Mi is a special person, so rarely let her mother visit the outside shooting, "is afraid of her worry, I sometimes have to hang the wire, shoot the explosion scene, really don't want to let her care too much." Still, she often calls or texts her mother, "to let her know I'm fine, happy, and strong in the face of everything."


Su Youpeng: After Su Youpeng launched the topic of "the only time you get along with your parents" on the eve of Mother's Day, he launched the "happy moment photo relay" activity, hoping to collect warm photos of netizens with their parents and relatives through the huge power of the network. Su Youpeng set an example by sending happy old photos with his mother. It is hoped that this topic can arouse the attention and care of people who are busy all day long to their aging parents.


When it comes to Mother's Day, actor Liu Qingyun jokingly said: "not much to spend, certainly will not watch the film" Chase "with my mother." He said that on Mother's Day, he usually accompanied his mother and sister to go shopping, eat food, and buy mother's Day gifts. But my mother always said she didn't need anything.


Huang Xiaoming: "pet" mother for a lifetime as a holiday gift Huang Xiaoming is a well-known filial son who has a good relationship with his mother. Asked about how to get along with his mother, Huang Xiaoming said that in his heart, his mother is his favorite woman, and he hopes to "pet" his mother for a lifetime. Because he is the only child, Huang Xiaoming grew up very close to his parents, in his impression never contradicting his mother, Huang Xiaoming also thought of taking his mother around the world.


These days, the news that Jay Quinlivan and his wife are pregnant with a second child, this mother's Day gift, it is estimated that Jay's mother will smile from ear to ear this holiday.