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Microphone Settings for electric guitar

2018-03-29 20:48:36

The electric guitar input the dry sound signal through the di box into the sound card, and then the sound card output, through the reamp converter into the speaker head, the sound through the sound color molding of the box head, through the real box to play out, and then use the microphone to pick up the sound input software. So let's see how to set it up.




Open cubase, Project. Then right-click and select the track, notice! Choose mono! Mono! So your earphones can listen on both sides.


If you choose stereo, you can only hear the left side because there is no input on the right side. The stereo tracks are used to record stereo sound, usually for microphones.


The recording method is to record mono, you have to set the track to MONO so that you can hear both sides.


Record a single mono track on the left channel and set its phase to the extreme left, and then record a single mono track on the right channel and set its phase to the extreme right.


The mainstream recording method of electric guitar is: rhythm class recording two-track. Note that it is double-track recording, that is, recording twice, and then one track far left, one track far right, this is not stereo recording, it is two-track recording.

Matters needing attention

Consult a professional.