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Methods to preserve the fetus in early pregnancy

2018-05-05 22:24:23

Now let me introduce to you the method of early pregnancy preservation, I hope you have time to see.


Give spiritual encouragement to patients, so that their emotional stability, enhance confidence. Daily injection of progesterone 20mg; Secondly, it can be supplemented with vitamin E and thyroxine powder, and at the same time, it can also use the successful experience of Chinese medicine to protect the fetus.


Practice crucian fish to scale and viscera, wash, spring sand kernel wash; Drain, grind, add fish maw; Peel, wash, shred and set aside ginger. Wash the stew pot, put the fish in, then put the ginger, cover the pot, simmer for 2 hours, add lard, salt, MSG seasoning, simmer for a little while, can be served.


Soak the lotus seeds in warm water, remove the skin and core, and wash. Wash the glutinous rice and soak for 1 to 2 hours. Drain and set aside. Brush the cooking pot, add lotus seeds, glutinous rice, appropriate amount, put on the fire, cook into porridge, sugar seasoning, can serve.


The fetal preservation time is in principle 2 weeks, and the symptoms do not improve after 2 weeks, suggesting that the embryo may be abnormal development, B-type ultrasound examination and β-HCG determination are needed to determine the embryonic status, and the corresponding treatment should be terminated if necessary.