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Menstrual conditioning, menstrual precautions

2018-03-19 12:48:20

How is aunt blood normal, this is actually a common sense problem, but in real life many girls do not know. In fact, aunt blood directly reflects a person's physical health, so the dark aunt blood indicates that a woman's body has problems. So what is normal aunt blood, aunt blood dark body should be how to recuperate it? If the menstrual blood is completely clot, it is not normal, there may be other bleeding parts, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure good health.


Supplementing blood and nourishing beauty small encyclopedia public number


1, Qi stagnation and blood stasis menstruation is regular, the amount of menstruation is more or less, the color purple red, there is a block, the menstruation is not smooth. Or accompanied by lower abdominal pain, or chest, breast, less abdominal distension pain, epigastatic tightness, tongue dark purple or peechiae, thin white or thin yellow fur, pulse string or astringent. Promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, regulating qi and relieving pain should be treated.


2, the instability of the menstrual cycle of Qi and blood deficiency, the amount of menstruation, menstruation, light color, thin quality. Or less abdominal pain, or dizziness, or fatigue, pale or yellow face, less diarrhea and loose stool. The tongue is reddish and the veins are thin. Treatment should be Qi-blood double supplement.


3, kidney deficiency menstrual cycle has been uncertain, small amount, light red or dark red, thin quality. Sore waist and knees, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, cold lower abdomen, or nocturia. Weak tongue, weak or delayed pulse. Tonifying kidney and regulating menstruation should be treated.


4, gynecological diseases lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, egg adhesion and other gynecological inflammation, will cause women's uterine menstrual blood can not be normal, smooth discharge, and lead to menstrual blood stasis, will also cause menstrual color black.


5, the number of abortions is too many abortions, resulting in the normal menstrual law is disrupted, resulting in normal menstrual blood can not be discharged normally, long-term deposition in the body, and resulting in black menstrual color.


6, endocrine disorders Endocrine disorders cause the estrogen level in the female body to decline, resulting in black menstrual blood color.


7, organ disease or drug side effects of local inflammation of the reproductive organs, tumors and developmental abnormalities, thyroid, adrenal skin function abnormalities, diabetes may cause menstrual irregularities, the use of psychiatric drugs, endocrine preparations will also disrupt menstruation, resulting in small menstrual volume and black color. Menstrual color black care precautions


1, keep the spirit happy, avoid mental stimulation and mood swings. Individual in the menstrual period have lower abdominal distension, lumbar acid, breast tenderness, mild diarrhea, easy fatigue, lethargy, emotional instability, irritability or depression and other phenomena, are normal, do not have to be too nervous. 2, underwear should be soft, cotton, ventilation and ventilation performance is good, to wash frequently change, change of underwear should be placed in the sun to dry. 3. Pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. First of all, pay attention to external genital hygiene. Never have sex during menstruation. When the quantity is large, the sanitary napkins should be changed frequently, and the sanitary napkins on the market can be used for the period of large quantity. 4, pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold stimulation. Avoid burnout. 5, should not eat cold, hot and sour and other irritating food, drink more boiled water, keep stool unobstructed. Blood heat should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables before menstruation, avoid eating Onions, garlic, leek ginger and other stimulating fire; Qi and blood deficiency usually must increase nutrition, such as milk, eggs, soy milk, pig liver, spinach, pork, chicken, lamb and so on. Avoid eating cold fruits and vegetables. People with high blood volume should avoid brown sugar. 6, you can eat more fruit during menstruation, spicy and cold, you can exchange three kinds of early, middle and late every day. However, if it is a woman who has a painful period, it is recommended to eat less apples. In addition, if it is too painful, it is suggested that you can make some rose tea to drink, which is of great help to relieve the pain.