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Medium to long hair in summer adds a touch of summer

2018-03-19 00:00:04

Don't think that as long as short hair is suitable for summer, long hair is also suitable for choice! Full of long hair can definitely bring you a touch of sense in the summer, here is the seven beauty hair master brought summer long hair, see which one is taken away


Medium and long hair is also suitable for summer choice, golden hair dyeing makes medium and long hair more fashionable, but also without losing, but more summery, wearing a slip dress is sweet and charming.


This is a not good medium long hair style, dull green linen makes the shape look very small, but also against the skin pale, so natural cape is super beautiful.


I believe that light mature women will like this Korean medium long hair, the partial design is very elegant temperament, coupled with brown red hair dye, instantly enhance the fashion and eye-catching index.


Pure sense of black long hair believe that everyone will not refuse, air bangs + black long straight hair, absolutely enough to show pure and pure beauty, change will help you captivate the male god.


There is a literary atmosphere of a medium long straight hair style, natural black hair more attractive temperament, no fringe design + on both sides of the hair lifted behind the ear, can be very good to reveal a small face.


Long straight hair + air bangs is a favorite style of many girls at the moment, summer so stay as good-looking and attractive, giving a kind of summer pure feeling, or quite a air style


This kind of micro-curly hair has the most goddess temperament, the use of large micro-curly design can make the shape look more full and charming, natural cape really voluptuous.


Medium to long hair in summer is actually very good. This medium long straight hair is worth choosing, the medium can enhance the temperament and modify the face shape, with the medium long straight hair is very pure, wearing a white dress, really beautiful ~