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Master these principles of wearing, no longer afraid to wear the wrong clothes

2018-03-24 22:24:27

The love of beauty is the nature of girls, but some girls spent a lot of money, bought a box of clothes at the bottom of the box, or feel no clothes to wear? Why? Because they don't match, and many clothes bought on impulse don't match well. Here are some basic dressing rules to learn!


Rule # 1: No more than three colors. Too much color, easy to make people visual confusion, no focus, and can not find the bright spot on the body.


Rule 2: Black, white, and gray are the most versatile colors. These three colors are called colorless, and can be paired with any color style of clothing and accessories. And these three colors can make people wear a tall feeling, and your aura will come out.


Rule 3: Pants and shoes should be the same color. This can achieve pants and shoes, elongate the body proportion, long legs stand out, especially small girls are most suitable.


Rule 4: You can enhance your waist line by wearing a belt, high-waisted pants or skirts to make your legs longer.


Rule 5: White shirts go with everything. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, etc., but make sure you put your shirt under your pants or skirt.


Rule 6: Jeans are as sexy and stylish as possible, with a pair of high heels.


Rule 7: If you can only take two things with you, choose sunglasses and lipstick. Sunglasses can hide imperfections such as dark circles and high cheekbones, while lipstick can instantly brighten a person's complexion.


Rule 8: Stop spending a small amount of money from time to time shopping for street goods, save up money to spend big money on a real texture, has the aura of clothes.

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