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Manual processing work

2018-03-24 14:24:47

In addition to the surrounding relatives introduced, all are false!! You go to the so-called processing outside to see, or you buy a newspaper last year, they put out every year, every day!! Specific tricks to cheat money as follows 1. Known as all free, but you have to pay some money, this money, you can call the cost of materials, he said you can not pull the material ran ah, you listen to reasonable, so paid. Also called deposit, also called integrity gold, also called security deposit, 2. When you come to deliver, bad, certainly here is not reasonable, there is not reasonable, anyway, there is definitely an unreasonable, and at the beginning, they will never tell you, this is good, your materials are used up, and all unqualified, how to do, then buy it, so that the material money they earn, And if you quit, they won't give you your deposit back, so you make $3. Some also need specialized equipment, the same reason, or the delivery is not qualified, so that the money of the equipment they have earned. In fact, you change your identity to think about it, can you use it outside? 1. How poor a rich family is! If you make money, you rest assured, you don't have to worry about it, you eight aunts, seven aunts, six aunts, five uncles, four uncles, three brothers, two uncles all will come out !!!!! 2. You have the ability to process, do not need you to say, they directly pull away to process, I am here around a lot of, the main money to do, the low profit of the secondary to relatives and friends, but also to help people, can not be said to be rich and unkind ah... 3. Even if you do not have relatives and friends, then your neighbors always have, your workers always have, only their relatives and friends can pick up their own goods to do, but also use the newspaper to spend money on advertising?? 4. Don't blind your eyes for a little money, open your eyes and see, their so-called processing products, have long been able to achieve the one-stop production of machinery!!! Of course, it is not excluded that there is true, but still to say that only someone around you has done, made money, and then introduced you, that is true, the other, do not believe... And most importantly, anyone who pays is a fake! Whoever ends up taking the money out of the finished product could... All the above are original works with ID: 516524922