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Make identification photos with ease

2018-02-21 16:00:00

Sometimes we need certificate photos, we also need to find a photo studio, really troublesome, in fact, you can produce a professional level, and you can take a few more times, not satisfied with it again.


Camera 360


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Then, have the subject stand in front of a white wall with his eyes parallel to the dotted line of the camera and his head equal to the dotted line to take the photo. Then look at the editorial preview, if satisfied, then you can also beauty and clothing, such as click "clothing", you can choose men's or women's clothing, clothing can expand and move. You can just click "Apply" and then go to the next step, enter the selection of size, and then the next step, will prompt the price, the more rinse the cheaper, but I have not bought.

Matters needing attention

Please take a look at the "document photo Guide" before operation.