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Ma Yun said that in the future, these five industries are the most profitable, do you believe?

2018-03-17 08:00:11

Ma Yun, who started as an e-commerce company, can say that he has a lot of successful experience and has his own unique eyes in doing business. Today we will listen to him talk about the five most profitable industries in the future, I hope to help you start your business!

Five profitable industries in the future

Food service People depend on food, the importance of food to the country and the people can be seen. Since the reform and opening up, China's food industry has entered a period of rapid development, there has been a rapid expansion of supply capacity, increasing the diversity of supply products and other trends. Today, the food industry accounts for a large proportion of the national economy, it has become an important pillar industry to improve the people's living water and increase our national income.


Cleaner production refers to the continuous application of comprehensive preventive environmental protection strategies to production processes and products in order to reduce risks to humans and the environment. In essence, cleaner production is a production mode that adopts an overall preventive environmental strategy for the production process and products to reduce or eliminate their possible harm to human beings and the environment, while fully meeting human needs and maximizing social and economic benefits.


Cross-border e-commerce The world's Internet industry is developing rapidly, China's e-commerce is rapidly transferred to the world, China's high-quality products can also go global through the Internet, so there are many cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs in this field to earn a pot near. In 2016, the well-known cross-border e-commerce incubation service platform Bedoro cultivated nearly 100 million cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs, and it is recommended that you can understand and participate in it.


Marriage relationship counseling In foreign countries, on average every 10 families have a marriage relationship counselor, at present in China, and have marriage relationship counselors to provide help, this area of talent is very short. In particular, in the small couples after 80, there are more flash marriages and more double-one-child marriages, and they are facing many new problems, and marriage emotional counselors are very popular among them.


Public welfare undertakings are departments, enterprises and their facilities that directly or indirectly serve economic activities, social activities and people's lives. It mainly includes tap water production and supply system, public transportation system, electrical heat supply system, health care system, culture and education system, sports and entertainment system, post and telecommunications system, landscaping system and so on.