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Lufeng travel guide

2018-03-25 11:12:13

Lufeng City is located in the east coast of Guangdong Jieshi Bay, north, Puning City border, east with the city of Huaqiao district and county border, west with the city of Haihe City, south. With a total land area of 1687.7 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 20 towns, 2 municipal farms, 2 economic development zones, 337 villages (communities), and a total population of 1,678,800 people. On this vast land, there is no shortage of masterpieces of nature and cultural heritage left by generations of ancestors. The following will take you to visit Lufeng!


Means of transportation




Lufengxuan, located in Jieshi Town, Lufeng City, Province, Yuanshan Temple is built at the foot of Xuanwu, covering an area of 15 hectares, is a place for religious activities combining Buddhism and Taoism; It is also a historic place in the east of Guangdong, well-known at home and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia, and is the Buddhist belief of the people in the Chaoshan area. [1][2] There are a large number of historical relics in the temple, which has been listed as a key national cultural relic protection unit. With the development of economy, there are more and more tourists. Xuan is an important place for religious activities in Lufeng City, a national key cultural relic protection unit, and an important place for cultural transmission in Lufeng City. Basaltic stone is very close to Jieshi, you can directly find a hotel in Jieshi! There is also the gate entrance fee of 40 yuan; But you can get in through the side door, where no one's looking!


Qingyun Mountain is located in the northwest of Hexi Town, Lufeng City, with the Shishan Mountain in the south, the formation of the north half surrounding the foothills, and the east one, covering an area of thousands of hectares. From a distance, the lion mountain and like a lion, giant elephant hold the Qingyun mountain pass. Mountain peaks, mountains and rivers, temples appear among them, the bell and drum sound melodious, filled with solemn, mysterious, beautiful people's soul. There are large-scale Buddhist temple Dingguang Temple on the mountain, as well as volcanic rock groups, catfish cave, stone turtle, day frog and other attractions, if it is to drive to where, can walk around


Zhang Wei Memorial Pavilion is located in the middle school of Lufeng City. Middle school is a famous middle school in the city, it was built in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong six years (AD 1741), has a history of 250 years. The middle school not only has a long history, but also has a glorious revolutionary tradition, the Great Revolution, the agrarian revolution, the War of resistance against Japanese aggression and the various historical periods of the war, our party has carried out many revolutionary activities in the middle school. There is a pavilion in the middle school garden, which is the "Zhang Wei Memorial Pavilion". Zhang Wei Memorial Pavilion is after Lufeng people in memory of revolutionary martyrs, Comrade Zhang Wei before the death of the letter in the middle school of the pavilion renovated, named "Zhang Wei Memorial Pavilion".


Baidu Mountain is located in Yingbian, east corner of Lujiazi Town. To cross the mountain is not very high, but the mountain is tired. On the top of the mountain, there are naturally large and small stones with clever shapes. Hillside, an unknown small tree, there are orange trees so large, luxuriant, dancing colorful. Between the trees, the paths crisscrossed, the place where the Naiwen people visit the ancient, the place where the friends and lovers enjoy the lyric.


Tianhou Palace is the first batch of cultural relic protection units in Lufeng City, province. It is located in Xiahu village, Lufeng Town, province. After the planning, Tianhou Palace will be built into a theme park with Mazu culture, and will also become a tourist scenic spot with cultural characteristics in Lufeng


There are a number of videos on the fire, a free, original tourist attraction - Beiyang Half Moon Bay in Lufeng City attracted countless tourists to come to explore, and even tourists from 900 kilometers to come to see the beauty of the Half Moon Bay, Lufeng Half Moon Bay is a man-made dam built more than 30 years ago, used for farmland irrigation, because of the shape of the crescent moon is called Half Moon Bay, Although the water here is green, it is really not a tourist spot. However, with the spread of these videos of Half Moon Bay on the Internet, Half Moon Bay is becoming more and more well-known, and more and more tourists, resulting in the road up the mountain are blocked by tourists' vehicles!