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Low immunity to eat multivitamin tablets which brand is good

2018-04-11 16:00:59

When you are sick, friends around you may remind you that your immunity is too low, and you should pay attention to supplemental nutrition to enhance your immunity. In addition to understanding which brand of multivitamin tablets is good, this group of people should also take a good look at what foods they usually eat to improve their immunity.


This page is based on experience


Protein is the substance that makes up all the cells of the human body and can account for 18% of the total mass of the human body. At the same time, it is also the basic component of immunity comparison. Any member of the immune system needs the help of proteins in order to defeat invading bacteria and viruses. However, for modern people, as the material life gets better and people live a big and meaty life, it is difficult to lack protein, but people who often eat vegetarian should pay attention to supplement. Foods such as soy products, dried fruits, nuts, dairy products, eggs, meat products can be eaten more.


Foods Containing antioxidants Antioxidant foods usually include foods rich in vitamin C, but also foods rich in lycopene. (1) Foods rich in vitamin C: there are more antioxidant foods, usually you can properly eat some foods rich in vitamin C, oranges or oranges, you can also appropriately eat some grapefruit and so on. (2) Foods rich in lycopene: you can also eat some foods rich in lycopene at ordinary times, tomatoes, squid, tomatoes contain lycopene is relatively rich, after eating can also achieve antioxidant effects, but also reduce the symptoms of physical discomfort.


People with low immunity should eat more mineral-containing food, minerals have the function of enhancing cellular immunity, maintaining normal operation of the body, synthesizing protein, and increasing antibody secretion. Minerals are found in foods such as nuts, shellfish, vegetables and fruits. (1) Nut food: nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. These foods contain a lot of zinc, copper, phosphorus and other minerals, which can timely supplement the missing minerals for the body. (2) Shell food: oysters, clams, these foods contain iron, zinc, copper and zinc elements are relatively rich, can provide the body with the elements needed every day. (3) Vegetables and fruits: cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, etc. The zinc and iron contained in these foods are relatively rich and can meet the daily needs.

Matters needing attention

In daily life, patients should develop good living habits, avoid staying up late, sleep regularly, and develop a good habit of regular exercise every day.


In the daily diet, it is necessary to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients to avoid overeating and picky eating.