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Louis Vuitton bags show cougar quality

2018-03-23 09:36:43

LV bags how to show the cougar temperament, I will tell you about the sleek lines, style personality, glitter decorated LV thin belt shoulder bag, black color design looks so fashionable, let us love it. When we put on a gray gown with a light gray biker leather jacket and black leggings, carrying this sequined LV belt bag, we looked full of modern sense, and the irregular base shirt made us look a little more feminine, a little more fashionable, and a little more cougar. Such a dress makes us lack of feminine beauty, but also lose the temperament of European and American big stars. If we want to use LV to make ourselves look more personalized and more lovely, then we can choose a light gray Paul T-shirt + denim hot pants to match this LV bag with sequins. Such a dress is not only very light, but also full of fashionable sense and more beautiful. These Hollywood stars often walk the streets in such casual outfits. Want to challenge the mediocre image and make yourself look even more perfect with a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag? Then it is very simple, we choose a very low-key style of black LV handbag can help us fulfill our wishes. The design style of this black leather LV handbag is very simple, only a few classic rivets as decoration, which makes this LV look very textured. When we wear a light grey top + sequin vest + blue jeans with this LV, so that our expensive LV bag is not affordable for all of us, so its market is targeted at these high-end people. And these people who use LV regard it as a symbol of success. For LV with classic quality, the visual sense brought by its appearance is so exquisite, showing us its luxurious side. In the production process of these bags, they are subjected to special processes, especially the printed patterns on the surface of the bag, which give us a very three-dimensional visual sense, and there are some small patterns distributed on the printing. lv lady handbag collocation knowledge is reflected in many aspects, lv lady handbag and shoes, skirts, headdresses, necklaces and so on. lv women's handbags are picky but versatile. Why do you say so? In fact, there is a wide variety of lv women's handbags, and some bags can make you youthful and energetic when they are matched very casually, but some colors you have to choose carefully. And in the process of matching, you should choose a suitable one according to your own height and body type. If the lattice is slightly short, it is recommended to choose a bag that can cover more than half of the body, so as to hide their shortcomings. There is also a point to be based on hobbies, some women like exquisite dinner bags, while some MM like casual large bags. A classic bag like the monogram is perfect for any occasion, any time. Many kinds of bags can appear on the street, T-shirts and jeans can be matched, and ladies can also wear long skirts. In some high-end cocktail parties or friends at the party and so on these more solemn occasions, female friends often through some appropriate clothing to show their more dignified side. Especially some of the female comrades with the status, but also a delicate lv lady handbag, let us highlight the charm of women. In these more festive and solemn occasions, what should we pay attention to when using lv women's handbags? In the increasingly rich fashion market, delicate lv women's handbags have been leading the fashion direction, so that our temperament has become more elegant, more shining image. For such a beautiful lv women's handbag, we should choose to match the women's watch brand according to their own characteristics, lv marks different temperament of people in the choice of bags are not the same: In recent years, the style of lv women's handbag shoulder bag can be said to be a big hit in the global fashion market, but for the working family, this bag is not suitable for use. For these OL family in the office building, we are more suitable for choosing these bags, women's watch brands are more suitable for choosing these bags with bright colors and lovely styles, which will make our overall image look more delicate. If you want to make our overall image look more stylish, we can choose a red-brown LV handbag, which is filled with metal rivets, so that this LV look very atmospheric. At the same time, its red-brown color, the lv logo makes this LV look very retro. When we choose a yellow floral skirt to match this LV, we look more simple, more, and such a collocation image whether we leisure shopping, or attend friends' dinner, are very versatile. A gorgeous LV beauty bag, whether we want to use it to show the sweetness of women, or show the neutral beauty of women, as long as we have mastered the matching skills of LV and clothing, we can deduce our favorite fashion image, let us enjoy the trend and modern sense brought by LV.