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LOLS8 Mouse how to dress

2018-03-22 03:12:46

Although the hero mouse has no displacement skills as an ADC, the late damage is very high, and the early line is also good, and it is very popular with everyone, and the way of loading is relatively diverse. The following is a small series to share the way of loading mice.


The first item of equipment is the Blade of Infinity, which allows the early rats to have a certain output.


The second item is Luana's hurricane, which is the first choice for mice in all attack speed equipment, and mice with hurricanes can make mice play A lot of flat A damage, and it is convenient to repair the knife.


The third selection of Berserker shin armour, the mouse is still more dependent on attack speed, and the mouse's Q skill very much needs to move speed.


The fourth item is the Static Electric Blade, and the mouse's skill features can touch the damage of the knife and hit more critical strikes.


The fifth piece is a tribute to Dominica's Lord. This piece of equipment is necessary for mice to fight tanks in the later period. The tanks in the later period are very flesh, and no broken armor bow can basically fight tanks.


The sixth selection of mercury cutlass, because the mouse has no displacement skills, so the mouse is particularly afraid of control, mercury cutlass can give the mouse a larger living space and blood sucking ability.


The summary is as follows.