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LOL Violent super God Carter out of the detailed guide

2018-03-16 22:24:03

Katarina is a very powerful assassin, as long as you protect yourself in the group battle, you can play a great role, I hope you players can play this hero more, leading to the path of the super God.


Front, middle and back period


Skill point


Talent rune

Alignment technique

When dealing with heroes with high output and AOE skills, Fire Man, Fire Man W and Q no matter how to avoid as much as possible, in the face of a designated target hero such as Timo, your movement speed is not so important, you can not avoid his skills, similarly, the high consumption of Timo in the unstoppable rush up, Must be fighting the wild hero gank or he is sure to kill you, in this case need to blink to the minions behind or use flash escape.


Another is Carter big move cut into time, if the line is also Carter, then play consumption, go out with the book, try not to keep the blood with the line, go home to buy full of red medicine, this needs a certain prediction, opposite Carter will take advantage of you not to steal the tower, this time QEW a set of harassment and then come back to fill the army, if the other party insists on not giving up, the quick step up to open big, That's easy. Take him on with the barrier, and if you do it right, you'll get your head.


Regiment must have harassment before the war, only Q, if there is a large mask can consume a lot of enemy blood, in the estimated 20 seconds or so to open the regiment into the side grass, wait until the control skills are completed, the surprise flash QEW plus barrier open, it is impossible to defend, as long as there is a kill is Carter's big kill time, QEW takes one QEW takes one again, downwind 4 kill only need a little hand speed is no problem.

Assembly idea

The most needed is the ability to survive, at least under the fire of the other hero to be able to survive for more than two seconds, this is to ensure that the output of the big move is complete enough, with the ice staff and the big mask, can make the damage greater, the enemy is difficult to escape, but in any case, the need to ensure the output first, so Carter's first piece of equipment I recommend a big hat, the hat makes his spell strength get a qualitative leap, Then try to put the ice staff out, first support the blood, and then buy the book to buy the wand, after synthesis, you can ensure that the following 3 enemies are more complete damage output, and then out of the big mask (try to do the shoes after the hat) to ensure the blood amount, control around 2500~2700 is the best, and you can use Q skills to damage a lot of enemy tanks. If the opposite side of the magic resistance Lei can not see, the method to wear the rod to make you more serious damage, and even with the banshee block control skills