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LOL all position parsing

2018-03-13 08:00:07

It's not hard to go up the road. Luck teaches you to be king


League of Legends


On the single single is a person on the road single road development, you are rare in the match because you play the low-end match, you play more naturally there will be wild and single, single easy to be gank because the road soldier line is longer, and there is no auxiliary for you to do the eye, it is easy to be wild gank so learn to control the soldier line. In the case of their own technology is higher than the opponent, or the hero restrained the opponent, and the opponent made mistakes if they can beat the opponent, then even if they have no eyes, they can boldly push the line. Because as long as the opponent's blood amount is maintained in the amount of blood you can almost take away a set, even if the opponent plays wild to GANK you, you can completely replace the other side on the single, not at all, and maybe you can also double play. LOL basically each hero has a set of their own output mode, know how to consume the opposite blood line to maximize the opposite tp please interrupt. On the single generally 2 eyes can fix the regiment wartime have a clear thinking how tp.


The single is the most easy to drive the rhythm of the five positions, and is often the most important position. Due to the characteristics of the short pawn line in the middle, the single phase is not very easy to be GANK, nor is it easy to snowball; Secondly, due to the existence of Blue BUFF and small wild monster, Zhongshan's economy is often the best in the team in the early and middle periods; Finally, the middle road is located in the middle of the overall map, and the control dragon has a decisive influence on the early field support, and it is also very easy to support the upper and lower roads. Middle heroes can be divided into two types, wandering AP and developing AP. LOL basically every hero has a set of their own output, but it will slowly develop impatient to eat hot tofu. It is very important to grasp the position of AP in the late rhythm. For most mages, due to relatively little blood, it is necessary to pay attention to the position in the late group battle. Beware of the opposite Assassin hero cutting you. Pay attention to more than a few eyes, do not think that the aid to the whole picture field reasonable eye.


Playing wild is now divided into GANK type playing wild and developmental type playing wild, just like the single, are two different playing methods. We also have to choose the appropriate style of play according to our hero type. Sometimes the rhythm of the team needs you and the single, do not have no brain and no consciousness of gank in short, the field needs to care about two things, the other side and the psychology of the people on the line. We have to guess the opponent's position in the field all the time, if he plays the first BUFF and then goes to GANK, we can go and steal another BUFF from him. So play wild can not appear casually, once appear in a road, then the map on the other side of the wild area may be all cleared by the opponent. There is also the psychology of the person on the line, what he thinks, whether he is home or not home is a question. More help middle road middle road up a wave on the opposite sure GG.


Many people think that adc is the core of the lower path and the auxiliary is to accompany the ADC to play soy sauce, in fact, many times the lower path is not good, the auxiliary plays a greater role than the ADC. Let's start with the adc group of 2 people, the auxiliary is rhythmic, and the ADC should make sure to follow this rhythm. Help auxiliary more than one eye is less worry about making up their own soldiers try not to miss soldiers for 10 minutes at least 90 knives, stand their own output position Note: you are dead your team also lost half you and ap are output choose a strong adc good knife auxiliary: When I think of the auxiliary, I must insert the eye. Now, the eyestone is bought in the early 800 years to control the field of view on the lower road. After the auxiliary is applied to the line, we must first make the line eye, that is, the one near the opposite side of the two bushes on the lower road, with this eye, we can prevent the opposite side from playing wild to round the grass GANK, and also prevent the opposite side from harassing our ADC. It is the most important eye of the lower route, without which the ADC can hardly align. Then make a river eye according to the situation, depending on the opposite side of the fight wild hero, and when the fight weak must be thrown to the opposite ADC. It is necessary to keep up with adc. Even Dawn, an aid that exists as a TANK, cannot be used without the front row of the opposite side of the brain. After the first round of control is finished, the ADC will often retreat to the side of the ADC and help the ADC control the front row of the opposite side. Group war always to protect their own back row as the first priority, such assistance is to bring people a sense of security.


The output ability of key mainstream heroes on the line is basically at the same level. So how to play an advantage online quickly is to pay attention to a few key moments. 1. When your level is higher than the opponent's 2. When your minions are more than your opponent's 3. When your opponent's skill CD is higher than the opponent's level at the first point. The second point is that when you have many small soldiers, you can fight with your opponents decisively. The third key skill of the opponent once in the CD is that you can cut the fish on the board


1, make sure that you carefully read the skill description, many many novices are not willing to carefully look at the skill description, which has created many ice birds who do not understand Q second. 2, learn the video of the master, each play a hero, all go to check the master out of the talent runes, although I am not the same as the other person's technology, but out, add, talent, runes these can be the same. 3, more practice mainstream hero mainstream play can be king. After all, the non-mainstream play is unexpected, and the stability is not as good as the mainstream play. Watch the video of the game and practice which heroes have the most appearances. 4, think more and summarize, after all, this is an e-sports game, if you want to be strong, use some brain. 5, the game is not a combination of life and important calm and stable. I wish everyone is the king of the heart to do their own king clumsy bird fly first

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