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logo Design appreciation - Logo design instructions (logo, trademark, logo)

2018-01-11 09:36:00

Logo design Logo is a sign that indicates the characteristics of things, trademarks. It takes simple, obvious and easily recognizable objects, graphics or text symbols as intuitive language, which not only expresses what and replaces what, but also has the function of expressing meaning, emotion and instructing action. Commonly known as: LOGO (logo). LOGO is a change of the Greek logos, is the product of modern economy, it is different from the ancient mark, the modern logo carries the intangible assets of enterprises, is the medium of comprehensive information transmission of enterprises. As the most important part of enterprise CIS strategy, logo is the most widely used, the most frequent, and the most critical element in the process of corporate image transmission. The company's strong overall strength, perfect management mechanism, high-quality products and services are all included in the logo, and through continuous stimulation and repeated portrayal, deeply remain in the hearts of the audience. As a sign with media characteristics, in order to achieve all visual identification functions in the most effective space, it is generally through the combination of characteristic pattern and characteristic text to achieve the presentation, explanation, communication and exchange of the marked body, so as to guide the interest of the audience, and achieve the purpose of enhancing reputation and memory. The combination of expression forms is generally divided into characteristic pattern, characteristic font and composite font. 1. Characteristic pattern: It is a symbolic symbol, unique and eye-catching, and the pattern itself is easy to distinguish and remember. The marked body is represented by painting expression methods such as implicit, association, generalization and abstraction, and the expression of its idea is summarized and visualized, but the connection with the marked body is not direct enough, and the audience is easy to remember the pattern itself, but the cognition of the relationship between the marked body requires a relatively tortuous process, but once established, the pattern itself is easy to remember. The memory of the marked body is relatively lasting. 2, symbolic text: belongs to the ideographic symbol. In communication and communication activities, the name of the identified body or the name of its product, which is used repeatedly, is unified by a text form. The meaning is clear, direct, and close to the marked object, which is easy to be understood and recognized, and also plays a role in explaining the idea expressed. However, because the similarity of the text itself is easy to obscure the audience's memory of the mark itself, thus weakening the long-term memory of the marked object. Therefore, the characteristic text, generally as a supplement to the characteristic pattern, requires that the selected font should be consistent with the overall style, and new distinguishing creation should be done as much as possible. 3, synthetic text: is a synthesis of representation and meaning, refers to the combination of text and pattern design, both the attributes of text and pattern, but all lead to the relative weakening of the influence of related attributes, for different object orientation, the production of partial pattern or partial text LOGO, will produce a large difference in expression. Such as only making simple modifications to the printing font, or turning the text into a decorative shape for everyone to guess. Logo design three elements 1, logo name: an excellent perfect trademark, in addition to have a beautiful and bright pattern, but also have a different loud and beautiful brand name. The brand name not only affects the circulation and dissemination of goods in the market in the future, but also determines the entire design process and effect of the trademark. If the trademark has a good name, can give the pattern designer more advantages and flexibility, the designer is likely to play more creative. Otherwise, it will bring certain difficulties and limitations, and also affect the expression of artistic image. Therefore, to determine the name of the trademark should follow the principle of "smooth, pleasant, easy to remember and good looking". To have originality and sense of The Times, to be full of new ideas and good associations. 2, pattern: the name of the country, national flag, national emblem, military flag, medal, or the same or similar, can not be used as a trademark pattern. Some special signs stipulated by international regulations, such as the red "ten" word, civil aviation signs, road emblems, etc., can not be used as trademark patterns. In addition, when taking animal images as trademark patterns, attention should be paid to the likes and taboos of different nationalities and different countries for various animals. 3, color: color is one of the three basic elements of form (shape, color, quality). The commonly used color of the logo is color (red, yellow, blue), these three colors are relatively high in purity, relatively bright, and easier to attract the eye. Color is a basic subject that must be studied in the discipline of industrial design. Color research involves many subjects such as physics, physiology, psychology, aesthetics and art theory. Logo design software Logo computer design and production process generally uses vector graphics production software, commonly used is CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, there are also a few designers using Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3DMax (three-dimensional effect). As for the online logo production software is not original, patchwork graphics are not desirable, often spent time to produce the logo often there are copyright questions!