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Login to Teda Library How to download free papers

2018-03-14 14:24:04

Nowadays, many graduate students may struggle to find a free paper after working, because most of them need money. After Xiaobian employment came, I found that after completing the loan card in Teda Library, I can log in to the official website with my account and password to download free papers, and the following Xiaobian will share my experience with you.


Teda Library account number and password


Networked computer


Search "Teda Library" in the official website, move the mouse to the "number" on the upper side of the page, the menu dialog box will pop up


Select "Full-text Journal" on the menu, click to enter will appear all kinds of names, introduction information page, cnki, Longyuan journal and so on.


Let's take the selection of the first known network (cnki) as an example to introduce. Click on the blue word "online version" to enter the home page (if you have not logged in before, you need to enter the account password to log in).


Enter any term in the search box (leave everything else default), then search, and a results page will pop up.


According to the above methods, you can basically find the paper you want. Click on any of the paper topics to access the download page.


On the download page, two download methods are provided, PDF file format download and caj format download, we click to select PDF download.


At this time, the download box will pop up, you can enter the paper storage location and name, click the download button, that is, you can complete the download of the paper.

Matters needing attention

If you want to download free papers, you need to apply for a library card at Teda Library and register your account information before downloading.


Non-local comrades can consult their local library to see if they can also download it.