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Little beauty bold show street photo refreshing eye-catching no discussion!

2018-02-24 19:12:00

In summer, wear a T-shirt that needs to win with a bold print. Do not want non-mainstream heads, do not want to use dazzling color contrast, then a little printing must be in line with your mind? Floral frame print on the chest, doesn't it look like the background of a photo shoot with a sister? The sleeveless design reveals slender arms that move freely. The three-dimensional flowers on the chest, very beautiful visual effects, bold color contrast effect, very three-dimensional very chic. Floral cotton halter shirt, can never cut the flowers, the shoulder strap can be tied according to the length of the need to shorten, loose hem suitable for different shapes. The Indiana Mickey T-shirt, loose and portable Modal cotton, ensures a good drape without shrinking, and the cute Indian doll is versatile. Waist drawstring chiffon dress, light gray blue temperament, lovely peach heart pattern, waist function is very powerful oh, perfect show graceful body posture. Fine dyeing cotton long vest, side lace hollow-out splicing, loose plate type, with a simple and colorful pants. The hollow design is more surprising and eye-catching. The mature version of the star love model, the upper body effect is really good, super value cotton loose version. It's very summery. It's very loose. It's very cute.