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Life-saving tips [I]

2018-05-12 16:00:24

Things you might not know about life!


1. How to cut vegetables and hands If you can't find a Band-aid temporarily, or when the Band-aid can't play a hemostatic role, you can apply the protein with gauze and then apply it to the wound. This is because the protein components can clot the blood.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


3. How to remove Price tags If the gift you're giving your friend isn't too expensive to tear off the price tag, consider using a hair dryer. In this way, the label can be easily peeled off after heating, without leaving a black stain as usual! We haven't tried it, but I believe the microwave works better.


4, how to take a bath wound pain? Contact with irritating substances in wounds that have not yet healed can cause inflammation in addition to making you cry. If you have to submerge the wound in cold water, you can apply a neutral oil, cream or something. This stuff will insulate the wound from the water, making your pain significantly less painful.


5, how to maintain the CD? If you accidentally scratch a CD, it doesn't matter, there is a secret circulating among the staff of the station. Take an oil pen, no matter what color, and apply it to the scratch to restore the damaged sound quality. It's just too heavy a scratch to help.