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Life is easy. What's that about

2018-05-03 22:24:54

It's a quartet meme from the last episode where Chu says life is easy. In the Japanese drama "Quartet", Yoshioka Riyo played the former underground idol with no smile is very vivid, the character's little demon temperament is performed vividly, and the line "life is easy" is a classic scene. In addition, Toshihiro Yoshioka in the Japanese drama "Quartet" has acted in many film and television works and commercials, among which the little fox image CM shot for Nissin "どん Bing Wei" instant noodles has been well received, and even a special character photo album has been published. The Japanese drama "Quartet" Youzhu Youzhu is the opposite of the four protagonists, she has ambition, desire, and is willing to work hard for the purpose, even if it gives up the bottom line. The character, I think, is a great asset to the show. She doesn't shy away from value judgments. She did succeed in the secular sense. When she discovered the Finch's secret, she began to blackmail; If you want to catch others, you will find opportunities to probe, and even attempt burglary, and once you have the opportunity to resolutely try. Finally on the arm of the handsome rich foreigner fiance, showing a big diamond ring, proudly say that golden sentence: "Life, easy."