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Let's roll. Light Source Mechanical Ball review

2018-05-07 11:12:51

"Light Source Mechanical Ball" is a 3D rolling ball game, players to control a robot that can change the ball in the game, rolling on the runway until the end, a variety of difficult roads on the road waiting for the player's challenge. Let me give you a brief introduction to the game. The game screen is full of the sense of future science and technology, the transparent runway is suspended in a three-dimensional space, looking at the appearance of hanging sky, and the special effects in the rolling process is also super awesome, and it has the feeling of flying at high speed. Game Sound effects Game music can be slow or fast. It's more elusive, but when the game rolls, the rapid music is the catalyst for the rhythm, and it feels special. The sound effects are also in place, and it's so profound that the robot explodes after hitting an obstacle with the sound of glass breaking, and it sounds like it's heartbroken. The gameplay of the content design game is mainly to control the robot to roll through a level, in the process of rolling but also as much as possible to eat gold and get higher scores, with the shortest time to get the highest score can pass the three stars. The various obstacles on the road of the game are used to hinder the player, at high speed a little attention will directly burp fart, some bonus props will be set in very dangerous and strange places, specifically seduce some players who do not operate well to eat and then fall off the runway, the game now has a total of 90 ordinary levels, there are 18 challenge levels that require the number of stars to unlock. The more you get to the later levels, the setting of obstacles and the changes of the runway are more and more difficult, and the reaction time for the player is less and less, so the game is still a test of the player's ability to operate and react. The gold coins eaten in the game can be replaced by the skin of the robot in the shop, there are 9 colors of skin for the player to choose, and another diamond-like currency is used to buy the style or type of the robot, this diamond currency is