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Learn to appreciate what you have

2018-03-21 19:12:57

People living in this world are bound to get help from others, and no one can survive completely independently on their own. This is a reality that everyone must recognize clearly. People have recognized this matter since ancient times, which is why there came into being inhabited tribes, which is our civilization and the law we must abide by. At the same time, we should learn to be grateful and not take everything for granted.


1. Separate the obligation from the should, others are not obligated to help you, he helps you, no matter how the result, you should express gratitude, this is a way of human civilization inheritance.


2. Show respect for others' choice, others' help is self-choice, and we should show understanding, because others will not be convenient, but also have no time, we can not force others to help, and turn the original freedom into a burden.


3. To show understanding of others' help, no result, others help, that is, people choose to trust you, even if it fails, it is the kindness of others, we should also give thanks, rather than complain.


4. Distinguish between their own choices and others' faults, sometimes people tell us a thing, maybe this thing went wrong, and then began to complain that he cheated you, but he never said to let you believe this thing, it is your own choice to believe others, the choice is in your hands, the mistake is not the fault of others.


5. Keep a certain kind, this is what everyone should do, do not haggle, encounter a thing, first calculate their own gains and losses, so that you may not lose anything, but the same, you will not get too much.


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