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Leaders should have awareness of brand awareness

2018-03-28 16:00:20

A good marketing plan, may be able to bring you immeasurable returns. Through the study of a large number of successful corporate marketing cases, I have summed up a lot of methods and skills, which are the crystallization of the experience and wisdom of countless famous entrepreneurs, if you are starting a business or want to start a business, then you should take a look.


Brand awareness


As a start-up, it is very important to find your own positioning as early as possible and establish a brand. A good and sustained brand can bring you many intangible benefits, and a well-known brand will make it easier for you to surpass your competitors.


A good example is Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes enjoyed a reputation after World War II and positioned its products as premium cars in the market. Mercedes-benz has always been committed to creating premium cars with consistent performance and image, but also with the advantages of strong, durable, fast, comfortable and good quality.


Mercedes cars rarely use sub-brands, and even when there is a major change in the model, Mercedes only uses a new S-series to represent it.


The company's constant pursuit of technological innovation helps maintain its image of stability and consistency. Coupled with a well-organized and efficient distribution network, it has increased its share of the premium car market year by year. In 1982 and 1983, Mercedes-Benz worldwide sales exceeded two-thirds of British car sales in the UK market, and within two years exceeded 450,000 cars.


Mercedes' skill lies in clearly projecting its image and reinforcing its quality, single-brand strategy. A brand is a great asset, and its great asset is a brand.


If you are good at thinking, using, and inspiring yourself, then these will certainly bring great help to you. I wish you success!

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