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Lake tourism guide

2018-03-20 09:36:00

Today, let's take a look at the lake tourism guide.




The Tibetan name of the lake is "Tsovampo". Located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the province is formed by the fault collapse between the Da and Riyue Mountains of the mountain range. It is the largest inland lake in China and the origin of the name of the province. The lake has a vast area, about 360 kilometers around the lake, and the lake is vast and boundless and blue and empty. The lake is surrounded by mountains, and close to the lake is the vast grassland, the scenery is spectacular and beautiful, there are many areas for viewing and landscape, is the most important scenic spot to play. Natural environment: The lake has a plateau continental climate, sufficient light, strong; Winter is cold and summer is cool, warm season is short, cold season is long, spring is windy and sandstorms; Less rainfall, rain and heat in the same season, dry and wet seasons. This climate determines that the lake has a different beauty throughout the year.


Bird Island is located in the west of the lake around the west side of the road, divided into a large and small two islands, the big one is called PI Island, the small one is called mountain, because during the laying of birds throughout the egg is also called egg island. Bird Island is a lakeside bird paradise, every year from April to June at the turn of spring and summer when hundreds of thousands of birds come to roost here, very spectacular, is one of the key scenic spots for tourists to watch the lake. The area of the island is large, there are dense plants on the island, the eastern part of the boulder cliff near the lake, here is the kingdom of birds such as cormorants, the eastern part of the rock wall on the cormorant nests are connected continuously, like a castle composed of bird nests. The original area of the mountain is very small, in recent years due to the decline of the water level has expanded, about 1500 meters long, the island is gentle terrain, suitable for birds nesting nest, the whole island is covered with nests, the island is suitable for the season when the birds are very many, about 100,000 or so, the local people usually referred to as the bird island is the island.


Sand Island, located to the northeast of the lake, is a large dune field that extends into the lake. This piece of sand dune area is very large, the eye looks at a desert scenery in the past, the end of the desert is the vast blue lake, the landscape is unique and magnificent. Sand Island has two small freshwater lakes, as well as reed marsh, the environment is very beautiful. Here you can also enjoy a variety of entertainment projects such as sand skiing and sand motorcycles, and you can also watch giant and wonderful sand sculptures, and play rich content. The scenic gate of the sand Island is located on the northeast side of the road, from the scenic gate to the lake, a total of about 7.6 kilometers, the distance is far, so we must take the scenic area car to play. There is a stopping point in the middle and the lake, and there are two small lakes in the middle of the stopping point, Crescent Lake and Sun Lake, as well as reed Lake wetland, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Heima River Township is located on the west bank of the lake, about 220 kilometers from the city, where the Heima River flows into the lake. Here is the starting point of the lake road, from here, along the lake road to walk 70 kilometers, through the town of Shinihai, the front is the lake's famous scenic spot - Bird Island. From the beginning of the two-day tour around the lake, many tourists will choose to stay in Heimahe Township for one night. Get up early the next morning and watch the sunrise on the lake, which is waving five-color prayer flags. Located on the west bank of the lake, Heima River Township is one of the best places to watch the lake sunrise. Autumn is the best season to see the sunrise. The township is also the starting point of West Lake Road (Lake road).


Chaka is located on the west side of the lake in the county of Chaka town, about 80 kilometers away from the lake area of the Black horse River Township, many visitors to the lake will visit here. Chaka is a more than 3,000 years of salt, the lake salt content is very large, will naturally crystallize into a white lake, the sky, clouds and the opposite side of the mountain are reflected in very beautiful. Visitors can also walk barefoot onto the lake to see and photograph their own reflection, as if in the sky. There are many salt sculptures in the scenic area to watch, you can also take a small train to the depths of sightseeing. Tea card scenic area is not large, generally play 2-3 hours. It is most suitable for sunny days to come to play, and it is best to come after a few consecutive days of sunny days, when the lake is very crystalline, you will see the white covered with a thin layer of brine, and the scenery and reflection are the most clear and pure.

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