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KX3538 driver installation tutorial

2018-02-27 14:24:00

There are a lot of one-button drivers on the market, but most of them are the 3552 version of the 3552 driver in the XP system is not very stable, so today I recommend a one-button 3538 driver fool one-button installation without restarting the computer installation automatically import the prefabricated effect automatically shield the on-board sound card


KX3538 driver


First of all, download the KX3538 driver software. The software size is 5M


Download after the default is a zip compression file can be decompressed with decompression software recommended to download software to download


Double-click the KX3538 installer and click Quick Install


Please wait for a while about 10 seconds or so the installation program will perform the relevant operations in the background


This time has been successfully installed everyone notice this time is a key installation oh not like other software also step by step two steps three steps is not very convenient ha ha


At this time, a KX icon will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop. You can put the mouse on it and click the right mouse button to click the digital signal processor to open the DSP connection diagram


And then we open up the device manager and we have the 3538 driver

Matters needing attention

It is best to return the antivirus software during installation to avoid the installation program being blocked by the antivirus software