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Kunshan departure Zhouzhuang tour

2018-02-22 09:36:00

If you want to play Zhouzhuang and do not want to report the group, you can go to Kunshan first, from Kunshan to Zhouzhuang is still very convenient, in order to prevent everyone from taking detourts, the following to share the route experience: from Kunshan station, you can take a bus or a taxi (3 kilometers, the bus on 1 to 2 stations) to Kunshan bus station. Buy a tour bus to Kunshan at the bus station. Remember to buy a ticket for 10 yuan, or they will sell you a 6 yuan ticket for the No. 130 bus. It is best to buy tickets in the passenger transport together, so that the tour bus + ticket is 100 yuan, equivalent to 90 yuan of tickets, and to Zhouzhuang do not have to queue for tickets. And when I get back, I want to buy a $10 ticket. The latest tour bus back to Kunshan is 6:10. Only about 40 minutes, the bus is 1:20 minutes. Go in to play when the snack casually buy to eat on the line, if you eat, it is best to eat outside the gate, it is really more expensive, after the meal, it is best to take a photo to note what food, how much money, some bosses will kill people. The table next to ours got ripped off. Lucky we didn't.