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Just bought back the cutting board can be used directly

2018-05-13 09:36:32

The newly bought cutting board, if not treated before use, is easy to mold, crack, use is not sanitary, and there is a bad smell. So what should you do with your new cutting board so that it lasts longer? The following method to share with you, let's have a look!


Cutting board


Water of washing rice


Don't rush to use the newly bought cutting board, first use boiling water to iron the cutting board, and then prepare a pot of rice washing water, put the cutting board into the soak for half a day.


Time to take out the cutting board, sprinkle a little salt on the top, and then wipe with a cleaning cloth, the other side we also have to wipe, wipe after rinsing, and then use paper towels to dry the surface of the cutting board.


Then coat the whole cutting board with cooking oil. After coating the cutting board, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit for a few hours to soak in the oil.


After a few hours, the oil has basically penetrated into the cutting board, and we can clean the cutting board. Finally put in a ventilated place to dry, avoid sunlight, cutting board after such treatment, it will not be mildew, cracking.


Don't use the cutting board you just bought. Simple treatment, will have a long service life

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