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Junior high school jump rope competition activities pre-competition preparation plan

2018-05-03 20:48:23

The pre-competition preparation is very important. The scale of the competition and related schedule should be determined first to properly arrange the follow-up progress and ensure the smooth progress of the competition.


10 classes in Grade 7, 10 classes in Grade 8, 10 classes in Grade 9, 10 classes (each grade is 1 person) Pre-competition procedures Printing: a total of x copies of grades 7 to 9, a total of x copies of sports group and school leaders: x copies of listed personnel


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Number of participants: A total of x students 10 classes in Grade 7 10 classes in Grade 8 10 classes in Grade 9 10 classes in each class 10 students participate in Grade 1 10*10=100 people 10*10=100 people in Grade 2 10*10=100 people in Grade 3 10*10=100 people