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joyjoy game walkthrough joystick shooting game

2018-04-25 16:00:18

Recently launched the rocker shooting game, very popular, but just started to play this game a little confused, next let's study how to play.


A game with joyjoy installed


First, open the joyjoy game as shown in the image below.


Step 2, click challenges and continue to click play, as shown in the picture below.


The third step, continue to click relaxed (you can choose to challenge easy, normal, difficult), click done, as shown below (with relaxed demonstration).


The fourth step, as shown in the figure is the game interface, there are two circles in the figure, the leftmost is to control the direction, the rightmost is to control the direction of the bullet, S in the figure represents switching bullets, as shown in the following figure.


Step 5: There is a five-pointed star in the bottom right corner of the picture (the words of the five-pointed star are different for different skills), hitting the five-pointed star will release the five-pointed star's skills, as shown below.


The sixth step, there is a five-pointed star in the figure (the five-pointed star words are not the same to represent the different skills), hitting the five-pointed star can release the skills, as shown below.


This game has time, will count down, in this time there are three lives, if in this time die within two times to open through this level.

Matters needing attention

Avoid excessive gaming