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Journey 2 family strongest guide hand teach you to play family

2018-05-07 22:24:31

Journey 2 Super family strongest guide to teach you to play family


Family, as a group of like-minded people in the Journey 2 game, is a social circle that players contact most closely and communicate most frequently in the daily activities of the game! However, a family can have up to 40 members, but how can these 40 scattered individuals be aggregated into a whole in a virtual environment, so that the entire family is thriving and full of combat? Below, I will make a detailed analysis and summary of the problems encountered by the family in the current stage of "Journey 2" game based on my personal insights and experience in the game combined with some online information.


(A) The family "strong" how to make the family bigger and stronger? Here's what I think: First, we need to affirm the value of "family". It is not an illusory name, nor is it a tool used by individuals to achieve the purpose of bullying the weak, nor is it a back-up for scolding and fighting, nor is it the product of boredom. It is set up by our players and participate in a network mass organization, my personal preference to define the family as a team, and only with a unity of centripetal force and cohesion, a family can be called powerful in the true sense! Secondly, respect talents, adhere to the "people-oriented"! A strong family needs the support of all family members, but a truly strong team, we need more is "talent", only talent can bring power and vitality to the family! And mediocrity can only bring instability to the family discredit!


This article is based on experience


Thirdly, communicate more and reasonably solve the contradictions within the family! Journey 2 At this stage, the biggest contradiction among family members is also focused on the issue of "family chariots". 1, the quantity and quality of the family tank this is a very serious problem! Since the revised version of the creation of tanks and tank equipment consumption are not tied materials and not tied silver, so greatly aggravate the player's economic pressure, how to solve this? I personally think that in the game, all members of the family have the obligation to solve this problem together! Take a fourth class tank as an example: the tank consumes 10 silver and hard leather each four tank equipment consumes 20 silver and hard leather each according to the realistic ability of each member, each person donated a finished fourth class silver and hard leather to the patriarch to build! Donate more materials for the next tank! 2, the time period used by the family tank The most frequent use of the family tank is not completed on the two points of "spying" and "brick change" (see Resources)